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The main difference between SMD5050 and SMD3528 are :

1.SMD3528 inside package one light-giving off nick, as the SMD5050 inside package three light-giving off nick package.Therefore, theoretically SMD5050 three occasions the brightness than SMD3528,Truly less that top. 2.SMD3528: Exactly why it’s known as SMD3528 ,The dimension of the nick is 35mm * 28mm, energy is .08W / Gem

SMD5050: Exactly why it’s known as SMD5050 ,The dimension of the nick is 50mm * 50, energy is .24w/Gem

45 computers super vibrant SMD 3528, Electricity 12V, 3.6w, 28.8cm 260 lumens

1:Color: Pure Whitened(6000-7000K), Warm Whitened(3000-4000K) 2:Cover: Striated Obvious. 3:Current: Electricity .

BENEFITS Immediate energy savings Low warmth emission reduces strain on cooling Removes maintenance and reduces costs Enhances product visibility

Typical Programs: Open Chillers Bakery Cases Advertising / POP Shows Snack Machines Cabinet Lighting


Small Size: SMD Brought source of light is an extremely small , light chips surrounded by epoxy resin.

Low Energy Consumption: In most cases, the current per SMD Brought is 2-3.6V, current .02A-.03A, really low using current and current, it’s very low energy consumption. equals to at least oneOr8 of incandescent light,1/4 of traditional light.

Lengthy Life Time: Under proper current and current condition, the life time of SMD Brought can achieve 100,000 several hours, in comparison using the other Brought tubes(like Dip Brought),the optical decay reduce from 10% to fivePercent in 1000hrs. Created by Automatic equipment, via warmth giving off technical process, the life time of SMD Brought is longer.

High Brightness: Mainly adopted 3528 and 5050/5060 SMD high brightness nick, single SMD Brought over 5.5lm/1800MCD.

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