The Classification of Exterior Battery

Based on the different of battery cells, we are able to split into two species, the first is the initial lithium batteries, a different one is polymer batteries. You will find large difference within the material composition and shape together.

1. Original lithium batteries The benefit of regular lithium cell battery, Due to the relatively lengthy development time, the cost of the type of is extremely low. The disadvantage are, you will find many waste refurbished battery, due to the procedure causes, the issue rate and failure rate are high throughout creating. Institutional, heavy weight, short existence and could cause a surge. The mainstream mobile energy phasing from such cells. Within the future, the regular lithium batteries will progressively withdraw in the stage of history.

2. Polymer batteries Based on the Electrolyte materials utilized in lithium-ion battery, lithium ion battery could be split into liquid lithium-ion battery (abbreviation LIB) and polymer lithium ion battery (abbreviation LIP), the Good and bad materials utilized in polymer lithium-ion batteries is equivalent to utilized in the liquid lithium-ion battery, Cathode material could be split into lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate materials, Very negative is graphite. The battery’s working Principle also consistent, The primary distinction between them may be the electrolytes different, the liquid lithium ion battery make use of the liquid electrolyte, and lithium ion polymer batteries make use of the solid polymer electrolyte rather, Such polymers could be a “solid condition”, may also be “colloidal condition”, many of them make use of the polymer gel electrolyte present.

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