The Brand New GOC 15 Corps in Kashmir

Lieutenant General Om Prakash, the brand new GOC(General Officer Commanding) of Army’s exclusive 15 Corps in Kashmir has had within the charge. However, it may be securely contended that succeeding Lt Gen S.A. Hasnain, often known as the -individuals general within the valley–the challenging super-soldier however with an individual heart, who resided as much as his idea/slogan of “Heart is My Weapon”,is indeed a test for that new man’s credibility for he needs to meet the anticipation of experts and Kashmiri Awaam who’re so impressed with Gen Hasnain’s humane type of work.Concurrently Gen Om Prakash needs to carryout their own strategy with new improvements, ideas and interventions. Also this is obvious that Gen Hasnain’s 19 month stay as Corps leader besides becoming an able social worker with extensive outreach to public, his philanthropist approach, his being scholarly as well as an able defense expert leaves an in-depth imprint among public,media and political circles.Thus not directly made the brand new man’s job a bit more challenging as well as General Om Prakash’s no prior services within the valley makes his leadership more observable one of the media and intellectual circles. What difference the brand new guy makes in Kashmir for peace building and just what different good he is doing for that bruised mass psyche of Kashmiri Awaam, who have been extremely tortured, wiped out in fake encounters, intentionally disappeared as well as women folk and innocent children not able to escape remains seen. Military by any means shouldn’t just be a musical instrument of oppression and mustn’t behave as the operating agency from the repressive condition apparatus, which really has formed in the geography of anger within this place in the world and result in a wider trust deficit particularly in security agencies.Will the overall go Hasnain way or otherwise is a superb mission to look at.

(Syed Adfar Rashid Shah is really a Doctorate Candidate of sociology at Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi adfer.)

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