the boy want to request an experienced lengthy to simply accept me like a disciple

The very first chapter sloppy Taoist (c) begin to see the title scruffy priests, why even result in the gemstones don’t fall upon? Opium coke fly a hundred puzzling, swallow devils master Is witch spells, or perhaps monster right into a fine? That evening, coke fly I don’t know when thought drowsily they went to sleep . He awoke already sky polish. Eyes opened up, and coke fly the delicately Chuanleyifu, they went to visit out, the mother call his breakfast nor crashed. Coke fly cranky evening, gave him think about the problem. outdoors a rundown lengthy look at the temple . Went from the Whitened Rock, coke the fly hearts of speculation and stated: Tian bamboo two sister declined to consider me on Cultivation , better take a risk to visit The Street talents have come across a guy is simply a couple of kilometers from paradise, immortal, infinite mana, how Bi Laolao mediocre existence, last existence Guiyin, simply to finish up elusive and obtain the task. This really is close to the place has lengthy been his four play-off I don’t know the number of occasions, the tall small temple eyes closed, focus the fly also will need to take the great path. Although he was bold, although not reckless, immediately look for a hiding tree and rose up. Then your above lush foliage, hidden. Small outdoors the temple, a couple of Road bluish-whitened light, wandering, for example band and annoyed like Dianmang rotate backwards and forwards round the black fog appears to wish to hurry into. However the black mist, but additionally strange. Regular clouds, and also the winds of the blow, it’s loosed, which mass of fog, but such as the substance of cohesion black like ink, nice books: guanjia side reading through. Regardless of how individuals simpler electro-optic shrouded, there has been no wavering. Coke fly searching stunned, heart and stated: trick, broad daylight. Couple of Road simpler electro-optic, appeared to retreat between engine all of a sudden light Dasheng, eliminate the black fog of entanglement, change piercing fly Wun, all of a sudden disappeared. The mass of fog, the simpler electro-optic disappeared, all of a sudden becomes very narrow right into a ball, subjecting hidden in the figure, coke fly sharp-eyed to determine precisely yesterday to determine the old priest. This old priest waved his large masturbator sleeves, that mass of fog earnings which, easily pat the stains Tongshen robe, her eyes when they wish, if unintended appears to concentrate fly hideout. Saw this old priest really have such supernatural forces the coke the fly heart under hesitated a minute, and thought: live, not pity this chance to possess met differing people? Na Laodao disabilities thought as it were, was going to leave when, leap, jump lower in the branches far they yelled: sloppy Taoist didn’t prefer to leave like yesterday, only the check his face didn’t move, completely not aware from the considering the center. Coke fly visited the Palm in mouth 2 or 3 occasions, but I don’t understand what to state . Touches on the old scruffy priests, a hoarse voice, just like a dilapidated Gold and Iron friction the very first open requested: Na Laodao disabilities a dent, he retrieved, sincere, stated: fortunate encounter, the boy want to request an experienced lengthy to simply accept me like a disciple, Qianxiu Growing old! This really is clever. Na Laodao disabilities quintana blanket of darkness shrouded simply to observe how nothing like devious means. However, his coke fly simply to have the ability to practice some singular means the coach is your path lengthy cents, or depraved devils, was in no way his concerns. That old priest, a lengthy while quiet, eyes are injection odd light, coke fly just feel a glance at this old priest, general organs appear to become ripped with the thoughts are sleepy. He would never know how, but my thoughts would be a little afraid, and the face was strongly firm. Illegal channels: ? This Taoist also quite surprised, this kid is fairly good, really allow it to be, my aim of the buckle. He might have been something passing here, no Shoutu read, I don’t understand how moving in your mind, states: your son or daughter is fairly good, even though the hearing, an uncommon minded Gengu clever, sturdy spiritual understanding can also be creating good material If you want to, they’re going using the Road! That old Taoist implication, you want to capture him away, this account of methods he told his parents? Jiao Fei heart is confusion between, Na Laodao disabilities don’t take care of him, and switched strides away. The interior Ascension, That old priest appears with an urgent matter, simply attempt to hurry. Coke fly original metabolic rate is going to be weak to trap the majority of the day away, already tired Yusi just an strangely persistent, so he tied to it. Seeing the after noon, that old priest delicately find around the kerbside in the flat stone, and sitting lower, and don’t visit wipe from the dust. Right now, had his cold eyes, continues to be greater than a little praise .a>.

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