The Ananga Ranga – Ancient Advice For Excellent Sex

The Pangaea Ranga was written between the twelfth century AD in India. Unlike the Kama Sutra that is a manual for any man’s existence, the Ananga Ranga is really a love manual, pure and straightforward. The data it consists of is intended to be the recommendation to help keep a couple together.

Most of the sexual positions in the Ananga Ranga are obtained from the Kama Sutra however,the translation into British ended by Mister Richard Burton, as were a lot of other texts of priceless literature.

First Real Sex Manual

The Ananga Ranga is really a sex manual, and consists of advice of all types including sexual positions and methods. Here follows a few of these positions which fit oriental physical structure, but may prove a genuine challenge towards the European or American couple.

(Gajasawa, the Elephant Posture).

The lady will lie lower in this position that her face, breast, stomach, and upper thighs all touch the mattress.

Then your guy will lay lower on the top from the lady, but bending themself as an elephant, using the small from the back, much attracted in, finds her genital area, makes its way into, permeates, and moves inside a pulsing manner.

The Big Bee Position:

The lady, places her guy at full-length upon the mattress, then sits and squats upon his upper thighs, and also the guy will penetrate her.

She then shuts her legs firmly after he’s effected transmission: and also the lady will start to move her waist inside a circular motion, and completely satisfies herself.

The Cow-Posture (note the cultural variations.

This can be a variation exactly what the People in america call doggy style, however the dog was an unclean animal, and therefore any mention of the it had been prevented):

Here the lady places herself upon all fours, supported on her behalf hands and ft (although not her knees), then your guy, makes its way into in the rear, establishing itself from the woman’s waist, vigorously permeates her, and likes her as though he were a bull.

The Sitting Posture when ever both guy and lady are sitting. Here the lady will slightly boosts one leg by placing the hands under it, and also the permeates her and likes her fully.

Some Interesting Information for that Guy and Lady

Once the guy is tired, the lady on the top position can be used.

The lady ought to learn to deal with your penis as though it were the tit of the cow, and milk it.

A lady ought to learn the strategy of developing her vaginal muscles to ensure that not really a motion is needed to create the guy to orgasm, however the contractions she has the capacity to produce.

The pair must practice sexual variety, as insufficient it’ll soon cause both guy and lady to find different sensations from others.

Whenever a woman’s vagina has lost its rigidity and it has become slack, the guy should press her legs together throughout intercourse and she or he can look tight once more.

When the lady is more powerful compared to guy, she must open her legs very wide, and allow the guy penetrate her. She’ll weaken immediately.

These are a couple of gems out of this timeless classic, whose advice today is really as appropriate now because it ended up being.


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