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Hydraulic solutions are necessary to optimize the functionality and gratifaction abilities of items. For superior hydraulic components, V-Tech hydraulic is the organization it’s possible to depend on. The organization provides effective and advanced methods to construction, shipping, mining, energy, heavy engineering, petrochemicals, steel, pharma and offshore, in fast and joyful manner. The organization was established around 2001 initially maintenance various hydraulic tools. Since then it’s quickest growing company supplying hydraulic methods to industries across India. We offer comprehensive selection of parts and equipment’s for those hydraulic needs. You are able to rely on V-Tech for innovative hydraulic solution that benefits business in multiple ways. We’re sellers of brands like SUNRUN, OMARSTAR, OPT, NES and DORVIK. We provide number of items to match various needs from the clients featuring its Hydraulic Jacks, Hands Pumps, Hydraulic Pullers, Pumps, Hydraulic Pullers, , Cable Crimping Tools, Cable Blades, Hydraulic Nut Crackers, Torque Pumps, Bolt Tensioners, Air Hydraulic Feet Pumps, , Bottle Jacks/ Foot Jacks, Hydraulic Presses, Bearing Pullers, Hydraulic Pusher, Add-ons, Thread Repairing Tool, Electric Pumps, Hydraulic Flange Spreader, Curler Skates, Blak Press/ Puller and Pressure Hands Pumps. A lot of our well-known items are Hydraulic torque wrenches, and . Hydraulic torque wrenches of SUNRUN brand are of two sorts Square Drive Type- lightweight high energy wrench for Socket or Allen key and Double acting Hexagon Cassette type. These comprise alloys, made to exert torque on most difficult bolting jobs to attain precision tightening/ helping to loosen. Hydraulic hands pump of SUNRUN (Taiwan) are of three types Single acting – fiber body, lightweight 2 speed, durable. Single acting- metal body, durable 2 speed and Double acting- metal body, durable 2 speed. Hands pump is really a hands operated device which gives oil to hydraulic jacks when used. The capability of pumps is determined by functional oil capacity of jacks. Pressure produced by pump to boost jack is of 700 bars, with piston plunger assemble which will help to build up pressure. We provide hydraulic scissor lift equipment- type of hydraulic lift utilized in various programs to carry large lots of huge height. These lifts are broadly utilized in construction and maintenance task. They are made to work on bigger projects and serve clients across wide spectrum of industry. We offer Ariel work platform utilized in welding, overhead electrical works, pipe line maintenance, inspection and painting. Die loaders movable type employed for normal shifting and Single/ Double scissors that are durable, fixed/ movable type. -Services are our priority- – v-tech hydraulics is ever prepared to help clients complete any industrial project with fast and efficient team, properly trained service engineers, fully outfitted workshop and 24/7 service / trustworthiness. We are proud of our commitment and talent to supply personalized service and quality try to satisfy client’s focal points.

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