Tefillin Questions

Q: So why do people remove their Tefillin on Rosh Chodesh before Musaf? >

A: Two reasons receive with this practice:

In lots of towns the Musaf Kedusha starts using the words “??? ???? ??…” meaning “A crown is offered for you, L-rd our G-d-” which is mention of the the supernatural crown the angels on High, along with the Jewish people below give upon G-d. Tefillin are regarded as a crown too and also the Zohar describes that it might be disrespectful to put on a person’s own “crown” while crowning G-d.

Within the Rosh Chodesh Mussaf prayer we talk about the special sacrifices which were introduced within the Temple in recognition of Rosh Chodesh. On major Jewish festivals for example and Rosh Hashanah Tefillin aren’t worn because of the holiness during the day itself proclaiming towards the covenant between G-d and the nation and also the Tefillin, also symbolic of this, are thus made unnecessary. Rosh Chodesh is another holiday, although to some lesser degree and that we therefore don’t put on Tefillin within the prayer that’s particularly dedicated to the specialness during the day.

Q: Exactly why is the Chabad custom to depart space between your third and 4th loop round the arm?

A: The very first three loops match the Hebrew letters ?-?-? which show a divine title of G-d. The following four loops represent ?-?-?-?- the Tetragrammaton. Because of the truth that both of these categories of loops represent two different names of G-d, it’s appropriate to depart just a little space together- sufficient space for this to become noticeable.

Q: So why do some recite another blessing within the mind Tefillin whereas others don’t?

A: Two different Tefillin they fit onBody around the mind and something around the arm- they’re two distinctive Mitzvot the blessing within the hands Tefillin also covers the mind Tefillin. The Sages implemented another blessing within the mind Tefillin because it has more importance compared to arm Tefillin because of the truth that it’s different compartments and also the extra Hebrew letter “Shin” that seems around the box.

There’s a positive change of opinion whether this blessing is recited whenever one wears Tefillin or only when, in error, one talks between putting the arm and mind Tefillin which would constitute a disruption and for that reason implies that the mind Tefillin is no more “covered” through the blessing within the arm Tefillin.

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