Technology giant ao cruz hot water heater to attain breakthrough-ao cruz hot water heater

Kim Kyu-care system, a breakthrough solution

Development of the profession on the planet challengenge

“AO Cruz required 3 years to deal with the troubled hot water heater industry 60? 70 many years of lengthy-standing problem – the issue of scaling heating rods, this is an international problem.”

Following a Global Engineering Center in China’s official opening from the 130 years in the U . s . States includes a lengthy good reputation for AO Cruz hot water heater giant lately released an extensive consequently lead the introduction of China’s hot water heater industry, the most recent technology??? Kim Kyu-care system. The machine is particularly created for China’s water quality could be enhanced by

Anti-corrosion, anti-fouling capacity, greatly stretching its existence.

General consumer use electric hot water heater will discover: using a extended period of time, when heated, the hot water heater is going to be heard coming from inside the minor Kaka seem, the consumer hot water heaters are frequently a direct result security concerns, but additionally heating time considerably more than the first use, a rise of electricity charges, that are triggered since the heating fishing rod scale. As everyone knows, Kim Kyu AO Cruz hot water heater lining may be the core patented technology (patent number: (USA) 09/686, 288), which utilizes specifically Kim Kyu

After heated at high temps 870 levels, after six decades of consumer utilization of that, an excellent

Anti-fouling ability from the U . s . States has produced a hot water heater while using 52-year miracle. Therefore, AO Cruz Corporation to user interest in R & D oriented, continues to be attempting to solve by Kim Kyu heating fishing rod coating technology scaling issues. However, heating fishing rod surface thermal expansion coefficient is simply too large without enough warmth-resistant coating, you can easily consume, Kim Kyu hard coating firmly connected to the heating fishing rod surface.

After much discussion and verification, AO Smith’s first in 2 years back, scientists find breakthrough technologies and techniques, after which look for a surface adhesion can boost the special alloy materials the same time frame, Kim Kyu-coating material to become enhanced further enhance the adhesion and warmth resistance about this industry breakthrough technology??? “Kim Kyu-care Heater” was created. Based on this invention, AO Cruz innovation to produce a brand new hot water heater protection technology??? Kim Kyu-care system. Kim Kyu-care warmth will stick to the initial lining Kim Kyu additional care to mix super anti-fouling, to prevent unwarranted lack of the anode fishing rod, which greatly stretches the service existence of lining, lengthy-term efficient operation for that user in order to save the electricity.

Kim Kyu-care system, the brand new upgrade, is AO Cruz comply with consumer demand, ongoing research and development results. Because the founding from the U . s . States in 1874, AO Cruz has gone through 130 many years of background and to uphold the standard concentrate on research and development to ensure that businesses maintain vitality. After entering china market in 1998, AO Cruz to “find an easy method through good researchInch with regards to sticking towards the “professional quality” from the marketing concept and make an effort to enhance their product abilities, and three of their worldwide R & D centers setup global R & D center in Nanjing, China headquarters, the very first outcome is to create new customers in China Kim Kyu intensive care system.

AO Smith’s tireless quest for technology and research and development, actually, is really a consumer demand, through technology to increase meet customer demand, china and global customers to savor a far more comfortable living water .

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