Technokolla grouting compounds it’s the beginning of a brand new era with Microshield System, Water Repellen

Because of three ground-breaking technologies, Technokolla’s tile grouting compounds now assure the most hygiene, water proofing and lengthy-lasting color fastness.

Technokolla now provides clients without one but three good reasons for selecting Technocolors, Technostuk 2-12, Technostuk G.F, Technostuk G.G. and Topstuk. Studies carried out by the organization have led to three technology which add further enhancements towards the standards of those items, already recognized for their superior quality and also the flexibility that they can be used as tile lounging jobs.

Microshield System helps you to prevent the introduction of bacteria, mould and mildew, therefore making certain the most hygiene and developing a barrier against microbial aggression. Grouting compounds featuring fraxel treatments guarantee a greater degree of safety wherever they’re applied. Laboratory tests have proven the way the floor and wall tiles laid with one of these items can withstand the introduction of micro-microorganisms for example microbes, bacteria and mycetes.

Because of Color Save System, these new grouting compounds remain colorfast with time. Which means that the colours won’t change as time pass, thus protecting the ground and wall dcor and offering designers and designers the most freedom when designing unusual palettes.

Lastly, because the title indicates, Water Repellent Product is put on the grouting compounds to ensure they are water repellent. A precious feature for moist places, like tanks and pools, etc.

Thanks for visiting the long run with Technokolla Technology.

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