Tata Docomo 3rd generation USB Stick for 7.1 Megabyte per second speed

Tata DOCOMO, japan company, has released its high-speed wi-fi device – 3rd generation USB e-Stick for desktop computers and laptops. The organization has lately began 3rd generation services in nine circles offering excellent speed through USB plug n play products. This 3rd generation data card is specifically created for delivering the most heavy data at different speeds. By getting this hi-tech data card, you may enjoy surfing without any difficulty of wires and then any type of installation.

, you will get maximum speed of 21 Megabyte per second. This data card comes outfitted with blazing speeds that will help you to do huge data exchange within couple of seconds. Furthermore, additionally, it works like a Memory Stick with as many as 32GB data storage. This data card includes enhanced Signal strength together with Receive diversity (Rx). This product also creates SDPA/HSUPA/EDGE/WCDMA/GPRS/GSM systems. With 2. high-speed, it is simple to access Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and top websites in a single click. Tata DOCOMO 3rd generation data card includes Mobile TV that will let you be careful about your favorite Television serial on the go.

Hi-speed internet with Tata DOCOMO’s 3rd generation e-stick for the laptops & desktop computers. Now set yourself free of the irritation of wires & installations and experience fast internet where the fixed special broadband signals fail. Benefit from the following features:

* Plug and Play * Enhanced Signal Strength with Receive Diversity (Rx) * Creates HSUPA / HSDPA / WCDMA / EDGE / GPRS / GSM * Large Storage: Supports up to 32GB sd card * Worldwide Roaming* : Gives 3rd generation Broadband speeds whenever you travel abroad * USB 2. High-speed : Ranked 40 occasions faster than its predecessor interface, USB 1.1 * Single Click use of Facebook, YouTube & Gmail * Be careful about your favourite TV Funnel on the go with Mobile TV * Enjoy HD Gaming on the run * View & download your favourite videos on the run. * One touch use of multiple Email & Social Networks

Select a SmartLife Wireless Broadband Plan that matches the finest.

MRP (Rs.) Speed (Megabyte per second) Products 2600 7.2 HSUPA

Enjoy Flexible Plans and much more with Tata DOCOMO Small Screen 3rd generation Plans.

MRP (Rs.) Local National Roaming (Mins) Data Bonus Data 350 700 200 Megabytes 500 1000 500 Megabytes 750 1500 750 Megabytes 1000 2000 1.25 GB 2000 5000 2 GB

Aside from this, Tata DOCOMO 3rd generation e-stick Plans can also be suitable for many prevailing kinds of laptops or any laptop for example, IBM, Hewlett packard, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, The new sony and so forth. Besides browsing the internet, an user may also access Mobile TV, Video when needed, Gaming and get caught up. So do this data card and revel in high-speed wi-fi connectivity anywhere anytime.

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