TANNAN’S BANKING LAW And Exercise IN INDIA- is really a classic legal Treatise and many comprehensive, authentic, authoritative, broadly acclaimed,appreciated, recognised and suggested masterwork around the Banking Law and exercise in India since decades, more specifically since 84 many years of thefirst edition of the most exclusive book in 1926.

TANNAN’S BANKING is unquestionably among the best within the Banking Law area. Every edition of the book has offered like proverbial hotcakes, pointingclearly to the scholastic wealth about them, its deft handling through the authors its effectiveness, utility and finally the recognition from the book within the area.

TANNAN’S BANKING in the every edition is eagerly looked forward to and broadly welcomed through the individuals the Banking Law area. Present edition is nowreleased using the pride and glory from the previous models. It’s a unique and authentic publication available, written with a famous personality, getting tremendous understanding and authority within the subject. New edition is totally modified and up-to-date. The current Modified and Enlarged edition consists of 76 Sections covering entire spectrum of Banking Law and exercise. It consists of most up to-date Statute Laws and regulations, Situation Laws and regulations and RBI Master Circulars, Recommendations and Directions and other associated matters annotated under appropriate discussions.

TANNAN’S BANKING happens to be recommended and suggested by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), Promotion Tests, Internal andother Exams and it is reported and cited by Hon’ble Top Court, High Courts and Tribunals in a variety of choice.

This most authoritative Treatise is definitely an indispensable guide and reference work with banks and Banking Institutions (FIs), Legal Officials, BankingExperts, Branch Managers, Bankers for Promotion Tests, Internal exams, exams carried out through the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBS), other Colleges and Management Institutes, Staff Training Schools, Law Schools, Commerce Schools, Professors of Banking, Academicians, Chartered An accounting firm, Professionals, Advocates, Lawyers, Hon’ble Courts, Idol judges, Bench and also the Bar.

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