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Classification Primary article: Dravidian languages Tamil goes to southern branch from the Dravidian languages, a household close to twenty-six languages indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. It’s also considered being a member of a Tamil language family, which alongside Tamil proper, includes the languages of approximately 35 ethno-linguistic groups like the Irula, and Yerukula languages (see SIL Ethnologue). The nearest major relative of Tamil is Malayalam. Until concerning the ninth century, Malayalam would be a dialect of Tamil. Although most of the variations between Tamil and Malayalam evidence a pre-historic split from the western dialect, the entire process of separation into distinct language, Malayalam wasn’t completed until between the thirteenth or 14th century. History Ancient Tamil inscription in the Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur Like a Dravidian language, Tamil comes from Proto-Dravidian. Linguistic renovation indicates that Proto-Dravidian was spoken round the third millennium BC, possibly in the area round the lower Godavari river basin in peninsular India. The fabric evidence indicates the loudspeakers of Proto-Dravidian were the culture connected using the Neolithic complexes of south India. The next thing within the reconstructed proto-good reputation for Tamil is Proto-South Dravidian. The linguistic evidence indicates that Proto-South Dravidian was spoken around the center of the 2nd millennium BC, which proto-Tamil emerged round the third century BC. The first epigraphic attestations of Tamil are usually come to happen to be written shortly after that. Students categorise the attested good reputation for the word what into three periods, Old Tamil (300 BC 700 CE), Middle Tamil (7001600) and Modern Tamil (1600resent). Etymology The precise period once the title “Tamil” found be relevant to the word what is unclear, out of the box the actual etymology from the title. The first attested utilisation of the title is within a text that’s possibly as soon as the first century BCE. Southworth indicates the title originates from tam-mi > tam-i ‘self-speak’, or ‘one’s own speech’. Kamil Zvelebil indicates an etymology of tam-i, with tam meaning “self” or “a person’s self”, and “-i” getting the connotation of “unfolding seem”. Alternately, he indicates a derivation of tami . ^ “Entry within the Merriam-Webster Dictionary”. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. . Retrieved 2007-04-14. Exterior links Tamil language edition of Wikipedia, the disposable encyclopedia Wikibooks includes a book around the subject of Tamil Wikimedia Commons has media associated with: Tamil language UCLA Tamil Profile Tamil Language & Literature Tamil Language In Context A task supplying online Tamil training, including video training. Statement around the Status of Tamil like a Classical Language vde Dravidian languages Southern Allar Badaga Bellary Irula Kanikkaran Kannada Kodava Takk Koraga Kota Kurumba Malayalam Paliyan Tamil Toda Tulu South-Central Abujmaria Gondi Kui Kuvi Konda (Koa) Koya Manda Pengo Sugali Telugu Central Kolami Naiki Duruwa Ollari Gadaba North Brahui Kurukh Malto Italics indicate extinct languages (no making it through native loudspeakers with no spoken descendant) vde (Official) Languages from the Republic asia Union-level Official languages Standard Hindi British Condition-level Official languages Assamese Bengali Bodo Dogri Garo Gujarati Standard Hindi Kannada Kashmiri Khasi Kokborok Konkani Maithili Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Mizo Nepali Oriya Punjabi Sanskrit Santali Sindhi Telugu Tamil Urdu vde Languages of Sri Lanka Official status Sinhala Tamil (dialects) Broadly spoken British Malay Least spoken Kaffir Portuguese Creole Vedda Formerly spoken Arabic Nederlander Portuguese Extinct Arwi Ceylon Nederlander Rodiya1 1Rodiya is really a dialect of Sinhala Groups: Tamil language

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