T-NEX IAQ-Helps turf grasses withstand periodic stresses.

T-NEX IAQ is really a plant growth regulator accustomed to manage the development from the turfs as well as enhances its quality and stress tolerance in warm and cold seasons. This plant regulator enhances the mass from the root, the colour is wealthy and also the lateral stems are maintained. It will help the turfs to manage the periodic stresses. It curbs the development of buffalograss, kikuugrass, blue grass, rye grass, St. Augustine grass, bhia grass, bent grass, poa annua, carpet grass ,zoysiagrass, Bermuda grass and much more . This plant regulator is odor less micro emulsion concentrate. The experience hich happens around the grasses on its application may be the slow manufacture of gibberllic acidity that is a type of hormone which will help in cell elongation.

The active agent in T-NEX IAQ is 11.3% Trinexapac Ethyl. This plan of action regulator is instantly soluble in water and could be used together with other pesticide sprays and pesticides. it’s put on the grass using sprayer .this really is effective when it’s absorbed through the grass foliage and there’s no action which happens although the soil in which the grasses sprout from. After use of this plant regulator you will find no changes from it to obtain cleaned away due to rain or watering. There’s no necessity of any watering after use of this plant regulator. The results which are seen around the development of the grasses are plant vigor, fertility increases, moisture increases. these an be utilized in residential , commercial, courses, sports fields and places where It is not easy to mow.

The tools which can be used as using this T-NEX IAQ are backpack sprayer, boom sprayer, hands sprayer and spray gun application products. Make use of the equipment after it’s washed correctly and appearance whether it’s squirting the mix evenly after application is performed clean It completely and it to wash .this may make any stain alternatively material stuff if in proper diluted condition.

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