SympaTex Membrane

The SympaTex membrane consists of hydrophilic polyether-ester block copolymer, that is closed (i.e. it’s no pores). Like its more prevalent memory equivalent, it is also known to like a monolithic membrane. No water could possibly get in in the outdoors, but water vapour molecules are moved with the membrane from inside towards the outdoors by means of an absorption and evaporation process. This moisture transfer with the membrane is exactly what is known to as “breatheability.”

A closed membrane like SympaTex is different from microporous membranes (for example eVent or now stopped Triplepoint Ceramic) that have microscopic pores that allow air (and water vapour) go through, yet have such low surface souped up that the top tension associated with a (liquid) water in touch remains excessive to let it squeeze with the pores. Microporous membranes have typically been disappointed through the contamination of the pores which considerably degrades their breatheability and generally also provide lesser adhesion to materials which makes them weaker to delamination.

SympaTex’s co-polymer includes polyester for molecular strength, and polyether to move water molecules. The membrane weighs in at about 30g per average jacket. The membrane is 1/100mm thick, translucent, and stretchable with higher stretch recovery. The SympaTex membrane is totally recyclable and comparatively eco-friendly.[citation needed]


Sympatex Technologies GmbH now marketplaces four enhanced materials: HigH2Out Reflexion Phaseable and Air flow. Additionally, it offers 3 amounts of membrane thickness for various amounts of protection: Professional – durable Allweather – the conventional thickness and Windmaster – that is only 5 micrometres thick.

HigH2Out includes a more absorbent inner lining fabric in the 3 layer laminate, which within the standard SympaTex with a stated 120%.

Reflexion consists of a coating of aluminum a couple of micrometres thick, sandwiched between its membrane and lining fabric, this reflects a lot of the branched out warmth from the body, to preserve the customers warmth.

Phaseable, is referred to as 2.5 layers, missing a lining fabric. Small foam dots take a seat on the uncovered inner top of the membrane. As temperature and humidity increases the membrane grows, distributing the dots apart to lower their insulation effect and boost the membrane’s area, and for that reason increase its moisture transfer rate (its Ret rating).

Air flow is really a membrane created for shoes that utilizes a four layer lamination, with two surface layers, the interior of featuring its a knit spacer fabric, permitting air flow and evaporation round the outdoors from the membrane.

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