Supercomputing briefed at NVIDIA Press Experience Day

The famous company noted for developing effective Graphics Processing Models (GPU), NVIDIA, lately held a celebration solely for that Asian Off-shore press. The even happened on 26, October 2012 (Home windows 8 launch day) in Bangkok, Thailand. The big event was located, by having an goal, to supply an update in the Santa Clara-based company concerning the latest occurrences. And, also offered, like a platform, to showcase most of the latest items and solutions from the organization together with individuals from the partners.

This season, the spotlight from the NVIDIA Press Experience Day was High End Computing (HPC), namely Tesla GPUs and also the Quadro, along with the Maximus designs. The Senior Tech Marketing Manager, Shaun Yen, was present in the event to provide a briefing by which he described much more about the NVIDIA’s latest items in the Tesla range the Tesla K10 and Tesla K20. The previous is placed to possess greatest memory bandwidth and greatest single precision flops on the GPU up to now, which will help to accelerate research in existence sciences along with other fields.

The briefing was then an in-depth explanation of NVIDIA’s CUDA technology and also the second generation Maximus configuration. Making full usage of both Tesla and Quadro GPUs, work stations that are licensed as Maximus work stations are capable of doing graphics rendering benefits in a considerably faster rate. It is because the Tesla GPU takes proper care of calculation or simulation tasks as the Quadro GPU takes proper care of modelling, enabling a real multi-tasking workflow.

Yet another interesting indisputable fact that was described was NVIDIA’s VGX platform that allows customers to gain access to VGX-enabled work stations remotely through any device which is capable of doing hooking up to the net. For supporting fraxel treatments, NVIDIA is promoting the earth’s first cloud GPU the VGX K2 that has two Kepler GPUs for delivering effective performance with no compromise.

Following the HPC segment get completed, the big event found an finish having a hands-on chance for that press to see the most recent mobile products run by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. The LG Optimus Vu, the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, the HTC One X , and also the ASUS Transformer Pad were among the products which were readily available for the presentation.

And, in the products, the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity and also the HTC One X were absolutely the heavens from the hands-on session. The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity felt effective on hands a tablet/notebook hybrid having a 1920×1200 resolution along with a Super Insolvency practitioners panel for stunning images. While, the HTC One X really felt solid in hands, smooth in performance, and simple in navigation. Its 8MP camera is intuitive to make use of supplying superb image quality.

The writer is who had been present on NVIDIA Press Experience Day. He loved the thought of the about its technology and products.

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