Sunder Gutka Gurmukhi Roman – Transliteration in British

Sunder Gutka – Gurmukhi Roman – Transliteration in British alongwith Bani In Punjabi

This can be a transliteration from the bani of Sunder Gutka in British . Around the left hands side pages the Gurbani is printed in Gurmukhi (Punjabi) during the best hands side pages may be the transliteration (bani designed in British as it might be spoken in Gurmukhi or Punjabi). Excellent book for individuals who wish to say their Sikh Daily Hopes but have been not able to do this because of the absence of understanding of Gurmukhi .The transliteration really is easy and readable . A obvious pronunciation secret is given at the beginning of it making the pronunciation very obvious. Great care continues to be taken to guarantee the correct pronunciation of Gurbani .


Sunder Gutka is an accumulation of Banis or hymns that make up the core of the complete Sikh Daily Prayer. These sacred hymns have a energy to change our way of life completely by getting an unmatched spiritual elevation in the most regular of minds. Gurbani or even the Divine Word consists of the instructions and divine guidance revealed directly by God with the Gurus along with other pious saintly creatures. They reveal the righteous road to existence and provide direction towards the wandering souls in mission of locating the real concept of existence. These hymns deliver a note that is of eternal relevance regardless of the caste, creed, religion, age or location of the person

Regrettably, the more youthful generation that’s not aware from the Gurmukhi script, the initial language where the Gurbani continues to be recorded, finds this pool of understanding inaccessible. On their behalf and all sorts of other people who be more effective experienced in British, a humble effort has been created to create for them this elegant masterpiece from your Gurus by means of a transliteration in British. Every effort has been created to really make the pronunciations quite simple and very obvious and steer clear of every possible mistake.

About Sunder Gutka: Sunder Gutka is an accumulation of extremely important hymns the recitation which is regarded as an entire Daily Prayer for each Sikh . It includes the next Banis :

Japji Sahib:It is a composition of Guru Nanak , composed from the Mool Mantra at the start then a salok , then 38 pauris (hymns) along with a salok to summarize .This bani works as a prologue to Sri Guru Granth Sahib .

Shabad Hajaare: This describes an accumulation of seven hymns, the very first by Guru Arjan and also the other six by Guru Nanak. The word -Hajaare- (not pointed out most of the Sikh Scriptures) most likely suggests that all these -Shabads’ includes a -1000 fold merit’ when recited.

Jaap Sahib: A composition of Guru Gobind Singh composed of 199 verses explaining very creatively the characteristics of God.

Shabad Hajaare P10: An accumulation of ten hymns in the Dasam Granth by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Tva Prasaad Savaiyae: Arrangements by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in praise of God.

Tva Prasaad Chaupaee (Pranvo Aad): Forms the start of -Akaal Ustat’ , a bani composed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in praise of God offering an unmatched description of God.

Anand Sahib: A bani composed by Guru Amardas, and thought of a path to true bliss and peace of mind.

Raihraas Sahib: It consists of Guru Nanak’s saloks and shabads (verses and hymns) from Guru Granth Sahib alongwith a Chaupaee, a Savaiya along with a Dohra (composed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji), first five stanzas and also the last stanza from Anand Sahib.

Ardaas: It’s the general sikh prayer choosing the wellness of entire humanity, also recited on specific occasions to get God’s benefits before any auspicious event or task.

Sohilaa: A prayer recited before sleeping.

Baarah Maahaa Maanjh Maihlaa 5: A bani which presents the health of the soul, separated in the Divine, suffering in transmigration yearning to reunite with Him.

Aaasaa Dee Vaar: It’s a assortment of 24 stanzas compiled by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In the present form additionally, it consists of sloks of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Angad Dev Ji along with a couple of shabads by Guru Ramdas Ji.

Sukhmani Sahib: Composed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji along with a answer to achieve eternal happiness in most regions of existence.

Salok Maihlaa 9: Saloks composed by Guru Tegh Bahadur (57 in Number), which force on the recitation of Naam(God’s Title) and considering the Divine.

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