Subsidies for energy-saving lcd TV is going to be law Ke Yi – Lcd Television, BOE – household a

standard within the first half is anticipated to produce

China Lcd TV Energy efficiency were split into three grades. Where a target value for that energy-saving items, in principle, ought to be set in the market the greatest degree of similar items two rating scale for that energy-saving items, its index items set to become greater compared to market average 3 for market access levels, indications put down the main marketplace for energy-intensive items.

National tv and radio product quality supervision and inspection center digital TV test lab engineers Ruanwei Hong told the “China Electronic Newspaper “Reporter:” flat-panel TV energy efficiency labeling is going to be published around the TV monitor or presentation. ”

Standards for that issuance and implementation of times, senior engineer Zhang Xin of China Institute of Standardization within the “China Electronics News” interview, stated: “At the moment the precise time also stated that bad, but in the general situation, this season on 1 / 2 of the conventional is going to be formally launched, a proper implementation from the other half. ”

Throughout the job interview, reporters discovered that the conventional of China TV Industry standards to talk with the enterprise among the criteria most carefully. Total TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Matsushita , LG along with other 24 businesses to sign up in flat-panel TV energy efficiency standard-setting work, including both BOE Along with other panel producers, including 3M along with other upstream parts producers.

Therefore, prior to the discharge of the organization has within the standard are very well prepared. Based on the National Tv and radio Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Test data reveal that from September 2008 to April 2009, delivered to test items to attain an amount of one’s efficiency Lcd Television 2 models, plasma television like a platform to 2 stamina efficiency of Lcd Television is 9 models, plasma television for that 6 sets to 3 stamina efficiency for LCD Televisions of 60 models, plasma television is 13 models, low quality LCD 12 Televisions, plasma television sets to two. However in the most recent round of testing, reaching an amount of one’s efficiency of LCD Televisions for five models, plasma television like a platform to 2 stamina efficiency of Lcd Television is 17 models, plasma television for five sets to 3 stamina efficiency 31 models of LCD Televisions, plasma Televisions, 3 teams of failure to models of Lcd Television, plasma television sets to .

Method of subsidies dispute

“Presently, the conventional of the most basic tasks would be to gather details about the process of subsidies.” Zhang stated, “Now hope that companies report the power efficiency from the business produced around the production cost, we’ll report the information for collation and analysis to look for the final number of subsidies. ”

It’s understood the initial utilization of flat-panel TV subsidization Ac Subsidies for energy conservation projects that help the way, that in compliance using the energy efficiency rating and product specifications divided. If the energy-efficient 32-inch Lcd Television each subsidy 300 yuan subsidy per 42-inch Lcd Television 450 52-inch Lcd Television subsidy 600 yuan each, two 32-inch Lcd Television energy efficiency subsidies to 200 yuan each, 42-inch Lcd Television subsidy 350 yuan each, and 52-inch Lcd Television subsidy 500 yuan each.

Zhang stated, the businesses should give consideration when confirming the price of two aspects. On one side, give consideration towards the division level, for example manufacture of the merchandise elevated from three to 2 energy efficiency energy efficiency is the price of just how much energy efficiency from 2 as much as a power efficiency price is the amount another hands, have to Observe that the kind of production costs, like the alternative of one’s-saving Energy supply Cost, the price of alternative sections, the price of alternative chips, R & D costs related technologies.

But reporters discovered that the way in which companies approach the present subsidies will vary. Institute of Engineers Wenbing

BOE towards the “China Electronics News,” told reporters: “The development of subsidies won’t help businesses to help keep costs down and-saving technology towards the follow-up research and development company supplying financial support. When the panel makers cost advantages, then your foundation of machine producers could be more cost competitive. ”

This, a piece of equipment manufacturer may be the responsible person doesn’t agree, he stated: “The truly amazing pressure of market competition, standards promulgated, their items is capable of 1, won’t be identified by customers . But when you need to want their items to attain an overall total efficiency without growing costs, information mill certain to remove some items capabilities, like the Internet functions, that will reduce to some degree, the competition of enterprise items. ”

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