StreamTransfer Blu-rayDVD Movies to TViX M-6500 for HD Playback

You may already know, TViX HD plays all of your media files saved or higher network. The TViX M-6500A Media player features h.264 format playback with double the amount primary memory of their predecessor. Easy to operation TViX is really a user-friendly simple option to the house Theater PC, ideal for a network A/V atmosphere.

By utilizing TViX M-6500 media player, you are able to playback your DVD backup copies or next generation HD media backup copies around the hard disk. However for individuals Blu-ray and DVD dvds, you need to decrypt and duplicate them in M2TS or ISO/IFO format on your pc in the beginning due to their commercial copy protections, region code or MKB and so forth. Below may be the snapshot demonstrating a good way to towards the hard disk of the PC via Foxreal .

The tool is really a effective BD and DVD decrypter that will help you discover the BD or DVD primary movie apply for backup at 5x faster speed according to its . To create a full disc copy (1:1) can also be supported.

If you are planning to contract individuals large Blu-ray .m2ts files into another more compact video size rich in quality in order to save space, there’s one other good alternative method you are able to choose. Just rip Blu-ray to TViX supported formats, like MKV, MP4, MOV, ASF, AVI, VOB and much more. The short still will probably be your nice choice. Why don’t you do something now?

Tip: How you can convert Blu-ray disc to TViX playable media formats?

Step One: Run Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper and cargo your BD/DVD files in it.

Step Two: Discover the BD/DVD major movie you need to rip for that TViX HD media player.

Step Three: Choose your preferred output format compatible for TViX in the -Format-.

Incidentally, you are able to set the recording resolution as 1920×1080 to obtain full screen playback by clicking -Configurations- button.

Step Four: Choose subtitle or audio track language from -Subtitle- or -Audio-. DTS-MA and TrueHD audio can be found too.

Step Five: Convert Blu-ray/DVD files to TViX formats by clicking -Convert-.

Prior to the BD conversion, you are able to join individuals Blu-ray/DVD sections into just a single one for smooth playback by checking -Merge into one file-.

Once obtaining the ripped Blu-ray or DVD files, you are able to transfer these to your TViX via USB.

That’s all! Hope the content is going to be a big help that you should HD media player for enjoying.

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