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One time i discovered ” See Clearly Later ” (now known as Pocket). This really is great, I figured. It’s just like a DVRfor reading through. Regrettably, just like a Digital recording device, the See Clearly Later queue canbecome a defunct letter office permanently intentions. But let’s say rather than marking material for later reading through, youcould tag it for later listening? Rather than needing to set asidetime to see articles later on, you can layer it overanother activity, such as the time spent commuting to operate or walkingthe dog? That might be possible soon when the concept underlying a startupcalled SpokenLayer catches on.

SpokenLayer’s premise is straightforward but ambitious: makeWeb content as friendly towards the ears because it is towards the eyes. SpokenLayer intends to turn content into speech by people.While many people don’t mind hearing synthetic speech for longperiods — say, greater than a minute — a lot more people do. That’snot to state SpokenLayer is popping its back on synthtalk entirely.For quite happy with a pressing time element involved, it states it mayproduce a synth version for immediacy and change it later with ahuman voice edition. The startup is presently using professional talent and also the authorsof articles because of its audio content. t.

The apparent downside of thatapproach could it be does not scale perfectly. SpokenLayer comes with an solutionto this problem, however. It’s planning a self-service platform tosupplement its contingent of professional visitors. It even has asection of their website devoted to giving would-be contributing factors tips and methods for creating audition tracks for that service. Like a initial step in the strategy to really make the Web more aural,SpokenLayer released an apple iphone application a week ago.

The application consists of audio articles from marketers whohave decided to join SpokenLayer on its maiden voyage. They includethe Connected Press, The Atlantic, the nation’s Journal,TechCrunch, Engadget, TUAW (The Unofficlal Apple Site), andJoystiq. Later on, SpokenLayer intends to tag its publishers’ writtencontent which has a sound analog having a “listen” button. Althoughit does not mention a “listen later” option, it might be smart tosomehow connect the button using the application.

SpokenLayer faces some apparent challenges soon. Forexample, the way it manage the labor intensive task of creationand qc for that huge levels of audio it’ll bedealing with? Privileges issues can also be an problem. At some point, synthetic speech will have the ability to emulate our very own voices.Even better, it’ll have the ability to emulate famous voices. Think about whatit could be enjoy having the voice of Winston Churchill read Past the British-Speaking Peoples for you? In order to have James Earl Johnson read something you’ve written?While individuals options stay in the distant horizon,SpokenLayer, with the addition of an aural layer to the net, might be a babystep toward that future.

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