Spiritual Leader (Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui (Lasani Sarkar))

It’s Saints of Allah (God) Almighty by whose efforts Islam Prospered within the sub-region of Pak-Hind. They demonstrated the reality of Islam using their words and doings. For your myriads of individuals were drawn to Islam. These dear saints of Allah (God) happen to be ongoing this act of preaching Islam. Obviously probably the most High God has endowed all of them with His auspicious characteristics because he means they are the company for that individuals realizing Islam and the benefits of His spiritual light and guidance for His animals and also have relation with Allah (God) available and alternatively they’ve relations with individuals so that they really are a funnel for Allah’s benefits on His animals. Man’s being consists of spirit and flesh. For his physical development and growth. Allah (God) provides him with eatables of numerous kinds. As well as the spiritual edification and exaltation of guy Allah (God) has hired His near and dear saints who guide and enlighten people.

Within this materialistic age guy is prey to envy missing out on satisfaction and it is struggling with many anxieties and worries. He deems the supply of materialistic amenities and conveniences the perfect of his existence deserting the code of existence provided by Allah (God) and also the concepts advised by His prophet (P.B.U.H). Anyhow once the evils dominate and individuals become filled with problems and calamities within the conditions Allah (God) probably the most Beneficent probably the most Merciful transmits a dear and loved guy of His for guidance and enhancement of individuals.

Within this catastrophic and tumultuous era, Allah (God) Almighty’s close and adorable being Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui (May Allah bless us together with his lengthy existence) is endowed by Allah (God) with characteristics for that guidance of mankind and spiritual edification of individuals. He established fact underneath the title of “Lasani Sarkar” (the unmatched superior). He’s a famous and distinguished spiritual leader from the “Naqshband” succession. He was created in 1960 at Khanewal (Pakistan). He inherited an entire religious and spiritual atmosphere.

individuals are getting into the circle of his enthusiasts. At his Aastana (threshold) 1000’s of searchers of Allah (God) are making in phases emotionally exalted. Individuals who arrived at him with abundance of belief and devotion are by “Lasani Sarkar’s first favouring glance presented s almost as much ast aren’t conferred on at some other place following a lengthy time’s attending there.

His spiritual munificence is really quick and extensive individuals to not talk about common people the other saints are not able to know its character. He by casting a favourable glance edifies a seeker of Allah (God) as much as high stages of spirituality. Individuals are surprised by his quick and extensive spiritual munificence. Those who using the view this type of spirituality doesn’t seem possible first opposed him so when they became of have connection to him and also to observed his spiritual munificence and upon the market from existence of deceptiveness and sin and required an oath of allegiance to him for that enjoy true spirituality

Plan to mankind is his distinguishing quality. His favourable sophistication is intended for those. He always abstains from sectarianism and debate. It’s why at his “Astana” (threshold) the congregations of remembrance of Allah (God) and delivering benefits to His Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) provide edification. He lays force on the religious students owned by all sects to relinquish sectarianism and so on prejudices and allow the creature of Allah (God) be on a single religion in which be no dissension because the most high Allah (God) has purchased within the Holy Quran: “Keep firmly towards the road to Allah (God) and fall not into dissension. ”

He brought whole of his existence resigning themself to Allah’s good pleasure and that he asks the reality searchers to go to him just for the great pleasure of Allah (God). He states that worldly problems shouldn’t humiliate us and points that Allah (God) assumes Themself fixing the issues of 1 who treasures the romance and require of Allah (Eminent is God’s Glory) and the Prophet (P.B.U.H). That’s why when anybody desirous of Allah and also the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H0 involves see him he feels pleased and provides special focus on him.

He instructs his enthusiasts concerning the strict observance of “Shariat” (revealed law) besides “Tareeqat” (the road of mystucals) and recommends women to use veil.

When individuals take an oath of allegiance to him he recommends them as first “Wazifa” (function) to inhale and out title of Allah and next to transmit benefits to Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) one out of a 24 Hrs time while waiting in home with face to “madina Munawwara”.

His over-all teachings are:

* Complete observance of hopes. * To earn livelihood by legitimate means. * Complete avoidance of lying. * Prevention from slandering others.

By Lasani Sarkar’s sophistication youngmens quickly embracing spirituality is really a proof that within the age such as this you will find Allah’s such beloved and shut males as by their transfiguring favourable glance can enliven the dispirited hearts.

At his “Aastana Alia” (dignified threshold) each time remembrance of Allah (God) and delivering blessing towards the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) are echoed.

Spiritual congregations for males after “Maghrab” (Sunset) on weekly as well as for women at 10.00 A.M. around the first Thursday of each and every month are held. These congregations are conductive towards the belief refreshing, satisfaction and spiritual exaltation for that participants. Whomever attends these spiritual congregations once attains a lot satisfaction and delight in mind he feels attracted towards them over and over.

Lasani Sarkar is a straightforward disposition and good-natured fellow. Hospitality is his prominent habit. He talks and meets others having a smiling face. His generosity established fact watching his conduct and behavior individuals are won to him.

He solves the spiritual problems of individuals even eminent spiritual leaders and saints deal with him for disentanglement using their spiritual hindrances. Whatever forecasts political varieties he earned came true sentence after sentence. People come here with lots of other issues to become solved. 1000’s and 1000’s of individuals have convalesced here from various illnesses as well as the patients of illnesses like heart attachs, sugar, t . b, bloodstream pressure, cancer etc. declared incurable through the doctors came and Lasani Sarkar graciously eradicated their illnesses through spirituality.

Lasani Sarkar continues to be making a deal for individuals owned by any sect or religion who don’t admit “Faiz” (spiritual munificence) arrive at him and inside a month they’ll find conspicuous verification of “Faiz” by holy being and they’ll be fully satisfied & will wbserve true road to Allah (God).

Whatever is presented as “offering” to him he provides it with off to poor people and desperate. At his “Aastana” (threshold) each time “Langar” (meat) is shipped.

He’s nazim-e-ala Salat Committee All Pakistan. Sarbrah-e-Ala Tanzeen Faizan-e-Lasani Sarkar All Pakistan and founding father of Lasani Welfare Trust. Under this trust poor, the widows and also the desperate are assisted in the “Aastana Alia Lasania 39/4 Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. The establishment of the free dispensary along with a library by which religious books can be found are and accessory for his services to mankind.


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