South Seas Anchorage – Rangiroa Atoll, French Polynesia


Bearing lower around the Tuamotus, our crew are keeping a clear, crisp lookout ahead. They are fully aware since the very first sighting of land will probably be the fronded crown of the palm tree, rooted within the sand of the barrier atoll barely above ocean level. The expectation to be the first one to spy one of these simple occupies our crew using the formidable fervour of youthful boys. In case, several of these mop tops sluggishly outgrow the southern horizon, bathing within the western mid-day sunlight. Looking in an empty horizon for such a long time, these rising palms, eagerly looked forward to because they are, still bring using their languid appearance a nearly undesirable invasion. -Another of humans’ trivial existence foibles’ our little ship thinks. Willing because they are to obtain their daily routine disrupted once more, the particular arrival brings by using it a momentary, but much deeper degree of reluctant potential to deal with the imminent change. -My dear, basically was as confused as that, I were not sure how to consider!A

A fast seek advice from the Gps navigation and she or he is directly on course for Passe p Tiputa on Rangiroa Atoll. Her crew always appear surprised and happy with themselves that they is precisely where she should be – they haven’t yet realize that her fibres of glass are in one using the sea power and lost she should never be.

A barrier atoll within this place in the world will usually have a couple of entrances that have navigable channels, and perhaps others that are too shallow to pass through with the exception of a canoe or outrigger having a shallow draft. These entrances are classified as a -Passe’ in French and may vary wide from quite wide to terrifyingly narrow. They may be and are generally, full of barrier heads with razor sharp teeth – teeth sharp enough that will crunch through her fibreglass shell as quickly as chomping right into a crusted meringue. Being better to enter on the flowing tide and exit around the ebb, she’ll be passing the funnel as fast as possible. The margin of error therefore for the deep keeled yacht is sort of reduced. A lookout in the bow is needed to make sure a secure path is steered with the passage before coming out just like a cork attracted from the bottle of Hennessey cognac, in to the lagoon beyond. Together with her sharp farmers’ eyes, brother or sister crew posts herself balancing on top pulpit rail, wrapping one arm round the folded in foresail. Our little ship, drawing over two metres, as well as alert to this possibility to wreck and ruin, approaches their first along with some trepidation. This degree of anxiety is increased by the view of the whitened shell of the yacht laying on the reef near to the entrance, searching very skeletal, bones bleached brighter than whitened within the tropical sun. Sails dropped and engine ticking over, she manoeuvres onto her course for his or her first -running the Passe’. Gunning her motor, she propels herself forward, all eyes on deck looking, searching for any impeding and deadly razor barrier heads, and sweeps in to the very waters from the lagoon, cutting quite a picture of whitened shell on blue as she pops up inside a trim use starboard. Our doughty crew, unknowingly holding their collective breath, silently release, heartbeats progressively coming back to normalcy. She also feels a spurt of satisfaction, together with quiet competence tinged with pride, at securely conning her means by without a lot like a scratch. Regardless of the number of 100s of those -Passes’ she’ll negotiate later on, this initial you will always burn vibrant in her own memory.

In, within the nick of your time, she gathers in to the quickly falling and short resided tropical dusk, smack while watching resort hotel Kia Ora. When her scope is rattled and shook out over her bow curler, anchor set and snugged set for the evening, it’s dark, and our crew use understand the twinkling lights from the hotel, shown within the lightly gurgling lagoon. Kia Ora in Maori means -Welcome’ and the value of this isn’t lost on our sixty-six per cent Kiwi crew, it possibly to be the first indication that they’re coming within some type of mental achieve of the native land. An outburst of emotion increases, and she or he listens to them blathering on once more to Anglo crew about great things Kiwi – more banalities being tossed around than plates in a Greek wedding!

-Nincompoops! what you know already from how they keep on, Nz may be the only paradise on the planet!……this area comes close’, she reflects in her own reverie, swaying on her behalf chain.

Exactly the same palms they observed from afar earlier that mid-day could be dimly seen, placidly waving within the constant trade wind around the seaward side from the barrier strip. The rattling palms, supported by thundering surf beyond and also the breeze sighing with the casuarinas, produce a symphony simply to be imagined of. And dream they are doing, our crew tucking early to their bunks, gladly moving off and away to the melodic song from the south seas, sloshing lagoon lightly slapping against her shell – tomorrow is going to be a later date, getting further adventures.

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