some bitterness at Lin yi

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Zhao brother ,how’s it going ? Sun Xiaoxing saw Zhao Fafa was the crab spend smashed ,all of a sudden shocked, requested hurriedly .

Don brother zhao … … Request fage … … Zhao send discomfort had tears in the eyes ,and stated inside a shaking voice . Good … … Fage ,what went down for you … … Sun Xiaoxing thought ,how this time around, make sure to call ?This isn’t exactly what a hurry ,hurry to Zhao General electric .

Beat … … Beat him … … Zhao hair follicle this didn’t expect Lin Yigan to increase in revolt ,pointing towards the Lin Yi, ambiguous command . Beat him ! Sun Xiaoxing heard what of Zhao Fafa ,leaped up competitors instructions .

Sun Xiaoxing males had already is poised to consider off, but Linyi come suddenly hurt Zhao Fafa ,allows them somewhat baffled .ButSunlight Xiaoxing isn’t shot ,he isn’t proficient at fighting ,he arrives to combine close brother ,but additionally by Zhao Fafa money offensive ,allow him to draw some males .

whoosh crabs feet fly out ,is directly placed within the several to talk about training from Lin Yi face ,their skin is pierced .Facial nerve most centralized part ,Lin Yi the crab Tu Jihit previously ,the more youthful brother to provide directly tied half alive ,their contact .

Wow ,Lin Yi husband ,hello ! Feng Xiaoxiao was the Hing ,exciting exclaim: butyou need to visit their upper eye lid riza ! GA ? The discomfort was half alive males ,initially desired to pull the crab Tu Ji,arrived at will Lin Yiwang fight ,however hear the von smiled then is all of a sudden shocked, cold sweat running lower immediately !Towards the upper eye lid there ?It’s not direct blind ?Before, these were discomfort blinded ,didn’t think a lot, however all of a sudden keep in mind thatLin Yi to throw things in the mind may be the serious ,prior to the crab spend, but all of a sudden travelled into Zhao Fafa mouth ,and also the couple of crab legs ,apparently randomly ,but is was shot without false strings ,each a crab feet hit the prospective !Consequently ,these males soon settled lower !These folks usually fights bullying isn’t wrong, but does not fear to obtain hurt, but this isn’t the overall injuries ,will be blind !Crab legs if placed within the eyes ,it’s blind luck will unquestionably ,some aren’t ! Reasonable ah, then towards the upper eye lid with .

Stated Lin Yi ,and in the desk to get some crab feet . ! Right in front from the males immediately started to retreat ,he switched and went !He’s an individual from Lin Yi lately ,Lin Yi if throw crab legs ,an initial believed will throw him within the upper eye lid .

Using the first a deserter ,others were naturally fell lower ,the crab legs with skin punks than the usual running rapidly, all of a sudden disappeared inside a box door ,not minimal trace was discovered .

.. … These folks required Zhao Fafa cash is not wrong, however the money idle away in seeking pleasure from time to time scare small can ,allow them to die or are hurt that’s absolutely impossible , who also isn’t a fool ,still it doesn’t run, when? Next ,following a minute, this area around the left of Zhao Fafa ,Sun Xiaoxing and Wu six or seven .

The face area of Sun Xiaoxing s is ugly,he didn’t think the chicken ,his sworn siblings so no loyalty ,all of a sudden created a cleanse completely ,this allows him before Zhao Fafa an excessive amount of to deal with ?At this time around, Zhao Fafa crab spend off ,now face Zhao Fafa is bloodstream, but no existence danger !Zhao Fafa some stress ,this really is his self-styled Matsuyama four much very first time eat flat ,before each threaten other medication is smooth ,almost don’t how ,everyone was scared scare the shit from sb.

,and like Lin Yi, he was the very first time I saw ! Wu six or seven ,here’s your analysis ?The Lin Yi how so? Zhao Fafa is a touch like crying ,understood Lin Yi so firm ,won’t hit his idea ,however this deficit also ate ,the enemy can’t do not report ! Fage ,Lin Yi within the school, but additionally are great ,Irrrve never heard about him uses the weapon .

.. … The face area of Wu Liuqi s a little bitter,Lin Yi within the school is extremely noisy ,but that’s alone, even though the Panthers brother ,bell Pinliang and Zou Ruoming go ,but Wu Liuqi understood in which the dark factor ?He isn’t obvious yellow order master these grades ,not obvious Lin Yi and clock Pinliang ,Zou Ruoming privately individuals conflicts ,he sees would be the surface ,simply to uncover, saw a watch .

Lin Yi, The truth is that you probably did better ,but we mountain not turn water ,this factor ,isn’t the finish ! Zhao Fafa recognizes that ,today, the area is located again ,he dropped the term of the firm ,wish to fully stand up and then leave !In the view ,Lin Yi and dare not lead him to how ,also, he has got the background, Lin Yi also openly wiped out him too? ,your bank account first .

Lin Yi light saying ,didn’t wish to leave Zhao Fafa seems to become fundamental . Take a look at? Lin Yi, you don drive sb way too hard ! The face area of Zhao Fafa s acold ,some bitterness at Lin yi !He didn spend the money for idea ,his dictionary hasn’t been this idea ,in the view ,today no more find Lin Yi trouble around the good, allow him to spend the money for bill? Push you ?I made ?Should you asked me to dinner ? Lin Yi acquired a crab spend ,a faint smile on a single checked out Zhao Fafa .

Lin Yi husband ,you’ll lose the crab spend ?Well, this time around to his ass lost ! Feng Xiaoxiao stated .The face area of Zhao Fafa s wasa black ,he didn Feng Xiaoxiao am bad ,so you do ,take a look at Lin Yi at the disposal of crab spend ,Zhao delivered back really scared of Lin Yi a frustrated throw it !Which I pay for this.

Zhao Fafa gritted his teeth ,nowadays ,he made the decision to pass through ,however in the approaching days could be lengthy !Zhao Fafa suffered the mouth discomfort ,let Sun Xiaoxing known as the waiter, when Lin Yi face brush card is checked ,then grunted left box .

Over time to depart ,Zhao Fafa heart ,today humiliation ,he or she must hundredfold !He’s a large dad who ,in the large dad cousin in-front, the Lin Yi is really a slag !All Matsuyama Ichi brother ,have the cousin of face !Think about here ,Zhao Fafa thoughts are not too bad ,in the view ,Lin Yi has already been allow him to kill people ! Brother ,are you currently okay ? Sun Xiaoxing checked out the corners from the mouth bleeding Zhao Fafa ,carefully requested .

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