Solving Startup Error Message in Sun Solaris Operating-system

The boot block in Sun Solaris operating-system is a part of the hard disk that stores information for loading an operating-system. Corruption within the boot block mainly happens because of improper system shutdown, file system corruption, metadata structure damage, virus infection and much more. Generally of boot block corruption, you encounter a mistake message which makes your hard disk unmountable and knowledge inaccessible. Such loss of data situations, a perfect option would be to revive data from an up-to-date backup. However, just in case of no backup availability or backup falling lacking rebuilding the needed data, you will have to use efficient Sun Solaris Apple Recovery software. e.

Think about a practical scenario, in which you encounter the below error messages whenever you attempt as well the body after improving your operating-system:

-The file just loaded doesn’t seem to be executable-


-Boot device: [email protected]/pci@[email protected]/pci@[email protected]/cdrom File and args:

The file just loaded oes not seem to be executable.-

Data held in the hard drive becomes inaccessible after any of these error messages appear. Additionally, exactly the same error messages come back every time you make an effort to start the body.


The main reason for the appearance of the above mentioned error message is corruption or damage in boot block.


To solve the above mentioned error message and connect to the data, you’ll need as well the machine in single user mode with cdrom and re-install boot block. To do this, type the below command:

#installboot /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk /dev/rdsk/c0t3d1s1

Generally, re-installing the boot block resolves the above mentioned error and also the data becomes accessible. However, when the above resolution does not take away the error message, then the best choice would be to re-install Sun Solaris operating-system. A brand new re-install of Sun Solaris operating-system will completely erase the information saved within the selected hard disk partition. For absolut recovery of information under such conditions, you will have to choose effective Sun Solaris Apple Recovery Software. Such utilities are made with interactive interface, causing them to be clear to see and implement.

Stellar Phoenix (Solaris – Apple) software programs are a trust worthy Sun Solaris Apple File Recovery utility that rebounds lost data from Solaris operating-system on Apple platform. This read only recovery utility works with UFS file systems. It will get placed on Home windows (XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95) and also the affected UNIX hard disk ought to be connected as slave.

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