Solving error message This database can’t be read because of an invalid on disk structure.

While dealing with the Lotus Notes application, you might receive error messages. Usually, the reason behind the appearance of different errors may be the corruption of database. Together with, database corruption the interior configurations will also be among the primary reasons that leads to different errors. Such situation, you have to apply different utilities, for example Fixup, Compact, update and NT Check Disk utilities. But after with such utilities, some another exceptions could also appear and it is unsure you will get proper results. However, for better results a software programs are also probably the most prominent options that Rebounds Lotus Notes database.

As one example of above problem think about the following example. Whenever you attempt to send mail in the Lotus Notes application a mistake message seems on screen. On every make an effort to send mail from Lotus Notes mail application you’ll receive below error:

-Server Error: This database can’t be read because of an invalid on disk structure-.

Mail that you simply attempt to send is proven to become effectively sent from your mail account, but nonetheless a mistake message is going to be prompt.


When Sent folder is corrupt, and bad just right drives leads to the mistake: -This database can’t be read because of an invalid on disk structure.-


This can occur if you work with Notes having a database which has an R5 on disk structure. Right click the background from the workspace, and select -Workspace Qualities”. Following steps will describe the best way to resolve this error message:

(1) Click the whitened i around the blue background.

(2) Boost the value within the box by 5.

(3) Click -Compact-.

(4) Try opening the database, whether it still gives a mistake then perform the following:

(4.1) Create a doclink from the problem database, by choosing after that it -Edit->Copy as link->Database Link- and paste it right into a new Outlook/Notes memo.

(4.2) Take away the problem database in the workspace, by right hitting the icon and choosing -Remove from workspace-.

(4.3) Re-add some database by hitting the doclink.

(4.4) Remove the Outlook/Notes memo.

If however you won’t want to produce a new database, you possess an an alternative choice of utilizing a appropriate Lotus Notes Recovery Tool.

Quantity of tools are available for sale which are specifically designed to Repair Lotus Notes database. After carrying out Lotus Notes Recovery having a appropriate software you have access to mail-objects, for example messages, contacts, visits, accessories, tasks, and journals etc.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2. tool is really a effective tool that repairs & Rebounds Lotus Notes NSF file & reinstates them in original format to the user-intended location. The program rebounds journals, tasks, To-do, calendar-records, contacts, accessories, and visits etc. It supports IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and and it is compatibile with Home windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, NT4(SP6). Furthermore, an active update feature can also be give install recent software updates.

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