soldiers also equal to more

New Fengxian County ,county hall .Xu Rong and Wei may be the pressure of will ,were relaxing in the hall on sides .In comparison to Xu Rong, lengthy simmer was more illustrious ,elder used to be individuals lengthy Ying ,the household also Xi Liang han .

He adopted Dong Zhuo ,officer centered Lang will ,a lot more than Xu Rong office .ButXu Rong be considered a veteran in fight ,the illustrious military exploits ,and most lengthy simmer with integration from the military talents .

But a couple sitting within the hall ,still a simmer ,compounded by Xu Rong .Section simmer putting on silver armor ,the gold knife when sitting ,muttered : Xu generals ,,Wang Stuart let’s troops positioned in new Fengxian County, along with other fan thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng troops showed up, then attack ,to be labor-yi technique is good ,however this will think very passive ,do you consider ? The time of Wei ,Shicai pride ,is suspicious ,and defiant .

Specifically for midsection ,Lang will ,office is well known, and military energy within the hands ,even going to the imperial court, also declined to simply accept Lv Bu .Its reason ,Lv Bu has additionally just Fen Wu generals ,goes towards the complex number general .

Although Lv Bu in to the grand Swinhoe ,instrument compared to three division ,but additionally Wang Yunan Rub means .From the foot of me ,never look lower upon Lv Bu section simmer .For Wang ,section simmer also lip-service ,instructed to follow Wang Yun orders .

To be able to not suffer .Section simmer troops outdoors, Wang Yun could be asked ,can alter .When Xu Rong ,lengthy simmer directly elevated doubts, don’t accept Wang Yun strategy .

For regular general ,even dare to question Wang ,must firmly perform command of Wang Yun .However the lengthy simmer to produce new styles ,don’t want too observant of conventional standards.

Based on Wang Yun arranged to complete things ,but based on his thought process .Xu Rong ,not just look down upon Lv Bu ,before the time of Wei also don’t see .Lv Bu were built with a good Wu Yi ,wiped out two adoptive father ,for infidelity help Dong Zhuo bullying emperor ,is unfilial such disloyalty unfilial persons ,let Xu Rong hard to rise .

For the lengthy simmer ,Wu Yi common, and don’t understand how to make-from military .In Dong Zhuo as Zhonglang Jiang ,or by Duan Ying yuyin .Whether section simmer ,or Lv Bu ,Xu Rong none ,but deliberately intend to kill Dong Zhuo Wang Yun ,let Xu Rong heart admire ,because Wang Yunneng bear ,succeed .

He heard a simmer words ,requested : general section to possess what plan? Section simmer Wenyan ,eye .He thought Xu Rong is to hear his plans, immediately stated: Xu generals ,I’m prepared to accept initiative ,brought the military in two volley fan thickening .

Make the effort and Wang Situ to new Fengxian County compare ,is sitting pretty ,can enjoy an admirer Chouyi be surprised ,however the initiative is much more flexible ,more prone to be effective .

Xu Rong checked out a simmer ,heart section simmer approach can also be good .The Xiliang military in the mighty trek to ,whether in new Fengxian County were positioned ,or showed up in new Fengxian County ,didn’t break through, is tired .

Section simmer troops initiative more dominant, but additionally more flexible ,not easily seen through ,beating fan thick hold more .ButXu Rong isn’t prepared to defy Wang Yun command .

He thought for some time, stated : general section, we are lower ,when the initiative ,not just didn’t win ,but was defeated fan thick ,the duty with this failure is going to be a couple of us for .

Butas lengthy because the left New Fengxian County ,even even without the beat fan thick ,following the failure is due to the king of Stuart is wrong, and that we haven’t much relationship to general section ,wish to ,look before you decide to leap ! Section simmer whistling seem, he stated : Li Meng and fan thickening ,Zhang Ji is simply a waste ,so people together ,might have much energy? This brought the military to fight ,must carry the planet before one ,no-one can stop .

Xu Rong mouth known as a radian ,smiled and requested : general section, don let scouts observed Xiliang military ?They aren’t just fan thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng is organized, by which there’s a really effective guy in control, when the general section resulting in ,I bad .

Duan Weipie doesn’t believe his lip ,requested: who instructions the military ? Xu Rong word to state: Li ru ! ! Section simmer just feel brain overflowing, the mind of the chaotic ,confused .

Following a moment, lengthy simmer awake ,make an ambiguous statement requested: General Xu ,fruit ,it’s Li ,Li Ru ? Xu Rongdian stated : Li Ru ! Li could be ,within the Xiliang military is stated of sb.

,nobody don’t know ,nobody knows .Section simmer deep breath slowly ,feel restless mood ,stated : your day of Lv Bu and Wang Situ encircled the Lee House ,Li Ru and the wife and kids will appear reduced ,how he’d all of a sudden come in the warrior ,and required the Xiliang military .

Well, the Xiliang military Li Ru help ,you want to beat these to it ! At this time around, lengthy simmer heart has started to conquer a retreat ,reluctant to guide troops to experience .Paused, section simmer and requested: General Xu ,how are you aware Li Ru within the Xiliang military ? Xu Rong was trembling his mind ,but nonetheless described : thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng brought the military to Changan ,need to the Xiliang Military division is Li ru .

General section just send scouts careful exploration ,could possibly get Li Ru instructions the Xiliang military news .Because the military of gm ,should give consideration towards the situation from the enemy .

Section simmer look awkward ,face exhibited an angry color ,he stated : I believe that just fan thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng ,isn’t put on the center ,if three of these found ,however the reason to die .

Well, I stated how dare they brought the military and digital rebel ,Li Ru may be the original charge .This time around ,I had been careless, didn’t expect Li Ru . Xu Rong added : most likely a lot more than Lee fan thick Confucianism ,there’s someone else .

Simmer lower a heart ,requested : who ? Xu Rong stated : Jia Xu, Jia Wen and ! Section simmer listens, immediately leaped in the table ,tongue-lash : was Jia Xuna old boy, now appearing as my buddy Jia brag ,to eliminate foundation .

Well, this individual filled with cunning ,this time around to trap him ,train b . Jia brag as duration of Ying ,a household is famous, although not went after .In the end ,this is highlights Duan Ying prestige .

Section simmer heart is extremely uncomfortable ,specifically for Jia brag filled with bitterness .Xu Rong sitting around the sidelines ,see section simmer of feeling ,hit the ceiling ,mouth slightly withdrawal leading to convulsions ,heart privately stated section simmer to great businesses ,he stated my prediction ,this really is to help remind the lengthy simmer noted Jia brag ,but that section simmer came home matters to .

Xu Rong among the leading Xiliang military ,to Dong Zhuo generals on the top of ,especially Wang kill part of him for that relaxation of those ,the greater impressive ,it may escape are a few ability, or in your home being an official ,and the party leaders .

Jia Xu Dong Zhuo work, not so famous ,but it’s not unknown .Xu Rongjian Wang caught authorities without Jia Xu, along with other remains from the Xiliang military also found no traces of Jia brag ,then guess Jia brag in thick ,Zhang Ji Li Meng fan and also the military .

The main reason ,happens because the forces brought through the most effective fan thickening .Section simmer Xiliang military that Li Ru and Jia Xu, brought the military against the thought of direct tossed to become flung towards the four winds ,muttered : well, we’ll in compliance using the king Stuart approaches ,in new Fengxian County ,the table, the battle to some fan Chouyi be surprised .

Xu Rong of section simmer transformation isn’t shame ,but nodded her head …. … 2 days later, fan thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng showed up in new Fengxian County ,pitch camping outdoors the town .

The military showed up, fan thick didn’t immediately sent troops to fight Xinfeng ,but visited relaxation the military ,permitting soldiers to boost good spirit ,relaxation following a simmer ,Xu Rong at war .

Throughout your day, the military didn’t attack ,maintain smooth water .Camps ,additionally to patrol and guard of soldiers ,the soldiers .The relaxation from the military in camping just hanging inside a circle ,then came back to camping ,disappeared ,no drill .

They’ve came back towards the camping ,inside a camping to relaxation ,raise good spirit ,ready for the following war .For the fan thickening ,Zhang Ji ,Li Meng and Li Ru et al., never made an appearance .Camps ,dead silence .

Xu Rong scouts for news, this news to Xu Rong ,with him .At this time around, the county government ,hall .Section simmer to scout report news ,privately thought ,for any very long time ,stated : Xu generals ,fan thick now invest soldiers dissolution ,allow them to within the tent to settle ,hesitate would be to wish to at night once the attack .

They and that we like the thought ,I difficult to cope with . Paused,, section simmer stated: well, we immediately assaulted troops ,impact fan thick camping ,they performed a be surprised . Xu Rong shook his mind and stated: Li Ru is really a master of the skill of war, general section, he allow the soldiers to relaxation, would send soldiers laying within the camping on sides, the camping security protection .

We currently go onto attack the fan thick camping ,will certainly be military takes up ,plus fan thickening ,Zhang Ji and Li Meng Xi Liang originated from new Fengxian County ,has collected hundreds of 1000’s of Xiliang military ,and that we had merely a million soldiers ,to conquer fan thick et al ,must strike work, to not challenge to fight ,when the situation lower ,we’re sure hit .

Section simmer after hearing, is really a grave .Xu Rong,, come to the stage .They potency and efficacy is restricted, two commander from the soldiers also equal to a lot more than 10000 people, depend on impossibly huge tactical victory ,but is keen on hundreds of 1000’s of males came thick yet others brought ,great in strength and impetus .

Some have the thoughts are very confused. Simmer ,requested : Xu generals ,you say how you can do? Concern the security of existence ,lengthy simmer also tossing caution towards the wind ,a polite to Xu Rong requested .

Xu Rong looked lower thinking ,careful thinking ,30 ,stated : ,fan thick within the relaxation, should be prepared at night, pounce ,capture new Fengxian County .Thenwe’ll at night Relaxing New Fengxian County ,permitting these to attack in new Fengxian County ,then shut the dogs as much as beat them ,eliminate all of the Xiliang military .

Section simmer and requested: Xu generals ,therefore we don’t need to attack ,fan thick camping ? Xu Rongyao stated : no, in order to the camping ,but is to really make it look ,pretended to fight the camping ,confusing Li Ru ,allow them to think we left the military ,empty ,they’ll come from the county .

I favor lengthy simmer ,stated: good ,good ,I brought the military to feint ,you remain in the town . Xu Rong his mouth twitch ,which she is really flat !Section simmer Hei hei laugh ,didn’t pick simple things and embarrass myself ,but still request: Xu generals ,you are taking the brigade soldiers inside ,how you can shut the dogs as much as beat them ?How you can attack the city soldiers kill ? Xu Rong stated: the overall brought the military to pretend attack camping ,will arrange .

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