Soft plastic packaging printing matters requiring attention

In actual production, ought to be according to automatic filling machine filling speed, sterilization conditions, the merchandise shelf-existence duration of specific conditions to choose the right print film and printing ink, and based on the actual situation, adjust and control the printing process parameters, and standardized processes, making certain the standard of printing film. Polyamide table printing ink due to its water proofing, oil resistance isn’t good, packets of liquid ink commonly are not used memory ink also offers differing types, selection ought to be specific, New Oriental super energy Fu 313A ink is usually used just for soft coextrusion PE film, as the 314 type is relevant to a myriad of coextrusion PE film. Printing in color factory by coextrusion film coming their very own PE producers are usually created, technical level isn’t a, therefore must hold the material selection, ought to be used without sliding agent kinds of masterbatch choice of PE film after electric spark processing, surface energy minimum is 40 dyne, ideally over 42 dyne. Two, customer’s publish processing conditions or test standard Printing in color factory only within the full knowledge of food producers during the time of filling conditions and subsequent machining process, or perhaps liquid package available on the market circulation from the particulars from the needs, may have a definite object because, be aware of score. The primary points include: filling speed, sterilization conditions, guarantee period length, upkeep needs. In three, the needs from the printing process To be able to make sure the liquid packaging film printing quality, the printing process attention should also be compensated towards the printing tension, printing pressure, printing speed and drying out temperature charge of the procedure conditions, developed some stable and reliable technology standards, standardized processes, making certain the scale of production is completed easily. Additionally, the printing from the overall quality of employees, ink producers to supply technical information, materials quality, workshop atmosphere changes is also the factor that can’t be overlooked. Four, control the printing atmosphere Printing workshop temperature and humidity change around the substrate material and also the performance from the ink includes a certain influence, the atmosphere is simply too dry may cause film electrostatic, leading to difficult printing environment too wet can make a lot of it drying out isn’t full, modify the ink layer firmness. Therefore, we ought to control strictly the printing workshop atmosphere temperature and relative humidity, attempt to conserve a relatively constant, and also to ensure good ventilation, to lessen the incidence of printing trouble. Generally, the workshop of temperature control in 18? -25 ?is suitable, the relative humidity ought to be maintained at 60%-70%. Five, finished goods inspection Client satisfaction is each of the printing business to high standards and also the ultimate desire, so to guarantee the qualified items delivered to the client. Don’t let the satisfaction of clients, and keep the business’s image and status, this is the constant maintenance and growth and development of good customer relations. Package for fluids while production, exchange membrane is much more frequent, simple to make the membrane performance isn’t a liquid, with ink quantity, very long time use old ink printing ink could also bring a decline in performance, therefore, the liquid bag manufacture of variable factors. Printing in color businesses with the simulated clients use conditions, to build up an effective product testing standards, make sure the unqualified items factory, to prevent unnecessary deficits.

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