So why do Enthusiasts Offer Their Head Of Hair at Tirupati

Tirupati is an extremely famous religious spot for the enthusiasts of The almighty Vishnu, in which the popular shrine is situated. The temple in Tirupati where Vishnu is The almighty Venkateswara, is called Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. Enthusiasts believe, Tirupati means the spouse of Lakshmi Devi. The temple can be found at Venkatadri, one hill one of the six others in Tirupati. Vishnu is also called Balaji, Srinivasa and Govinda.

It’s been believed that the amount of worshippers visiting Tirupati is about 1 lakh daily and also the number increases to five lakhs if there’s a festival, such as the Brahmotsavam. This accumulates to you use three or four Crore of enthusiasts each year. Worshippers of Vishnu think that the shrine is a one of the 108 sacred places in India.

Tales Associated with the Temple.

Based on the values of Hindus, when The almighty Kubera married Padmavati, he contributed money towards the shrine. The almighty Vishnu’s debts are compensated back by his enthusiasts by adding profit the Hundi in the Tirupati shrine.


The temple and Tirupati blossomed during the time of Vijayanagara emperors. It is a popular thought they gave gold and diamonds towards the sacred temple. It had been during the time of Krishnadevaraya the temple shrine was covered with gold. Some years after, Raghoji Bhonsle began the executive committee to handle the shrine.

Famous Hillsides.

You can observe seven holy hillsides, known as as Saptagiri (Saptarishi), in Tirupati. Saptagirinivasa is yet another title of Vishnu, got in the names of seven hillsides.

The 7 holy hillsides are meant to be the place to find many gods. What they are called of those hillsides are Neeladri – Neela Devi’s abode, Garudadri – hill of Garuda (vehicle of Vishnu), Narayanadri – the hill of Vishnu, Vrushabadri – the abode of Nandi, the automobile of Shiva, Anjanadri – abode of Hanuman and Venkatadri – abode of Venkateswara.

The explanation for Cutting Hair at Tirupati.

Based on the legend, Vishnu lost a small sector of hair whenever a shepherd hit him. Watching this Neela Devi cut her hair and inserted it on Lord’s mind. The almighty Vishnu gave his word to devi Neela that his fans will offer you their head of hair to her in reaction to her good act. The ritual of mind tonsuring began from then as well as today enthusiasts from around the globe come there and cut their head of hair. Popular belief is the fact that Neela Devi accepts your hair provided by Venkateswara enthusiasts.


As Tirupati has numerous Vaishnavaites, all special times of Vishnu are now being celebrated there. Vaikunta Ekadasi, Janmashtami and Rama Navami are celebrated with grandeur through the people. Vasantholsavam, the festival of spring and Rathasapthami will also be celebrated with great pleasure. It’s in Rathasapthami that The almighty Vishnu’s idol is taken by individuals procession.

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