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theManchester of Assam is found on the north bank from the mighty river Brahmaputra far away of 32 Km towards the south-west of Guwahati,sualkuchi can also be 28 Km. from Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport Terminal,Borjhar. is happy with her getting handloom industry having a glorious part. The hands-woven silk fabric of on Muga and Mulbery occupies a location of eminence in protecting the Assam heritage and culture and plays an important role in economy of Assam.The Truly Amazing King of Kamrupa -Bhagadutta- throughout the time of Mahabharata fought against in Kurukhetra wearied with hands-woven dresses–Subwarnakudai Vastra-.The traditional king of Assam Favored the introduction of Muga culture used in the rare silk moth -Antheraea Assam- creating the Golden silk.This patronage brought to advancement for this was obligatory for all households to rear silkworm,reel the yarn weave the material. The tradition of showing and weaving continues to be maintained and silk has continued to be the gown material for that average assamese maiden and regular costume for that village women.Time tested, glamorous brocades like -Kinghap,-Gomseng-,-Karchip-,-Sisupat-of silk still embellish the aristocratic homes. You will find about 17,000 Silk looms presently employed in to create different selection of silk items like Mekhela Chaddar,Riha,(Assamese Women Clothing) Sarees-6 yards of beauty,Dhara(Khasi women apparel),Dara chaddar(Bride dress) ,Gamocha,Dress material in yards etc.From the total silk manufacture of 70% includes Mekhela and Chaddar,20% silk saries and 10% miscellaneous fabric including Khasi dresses of Dhara Jemseng.The silk weaving of gives indirect and direct employment to a lot more than 25,000 people through the entire year in silk weaving and allied activities.The present annual use of mulberry silk was nearly 2.00 lakh KG, Muga along with other allied silk is almost 98,000 KG from the total use of 4,38,870 K.G.Silk yarn in Assam including Eri silk also.From the total manufacture of about 42,19,055 linear meters of silk materials in Assam , alone produces a lot more than 31.00 lakhs linear mtrs. Of silk materials pricing Rs.9,000.00 lakhs roughly. The silk weaving sector of is basically determined by way to obtain mulberry silk yarn either from Karnataka or from China.The sector is facing emerging situation on production and offer of raw and facing discomforte to experience and contend with the less cost quality foreign silk in past liberalization Trade Era.You will find a lot more than 12000 women weavers employed in silk weaving sector and producing monthly average earnings from Rs. 2500/ to Rs. 4,000/ through handloom weaving.The village is getting educational institutions for ladies from Primary to school level,Healthcare facilities with Shops and Hospital,H2o,Police Station.The ladies weavers migrated within the village in the other place,nevertheless,might be looking for awareness about right and duties of ladies,training of health hygine,daily mother and child healthcare,legel education on right of ladies aside from the advantage of Contributory Fund,Pension etc. to acquire full safety measures when come out of the profession of hands weaving because of health reason and senior years. To understand more,check out :

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