Silk Dress Material of Bhagalpur Cluster

What exactly is it which makes people call Bhagalpur the Silk Town of India? Do you know the initiatives taken by Government asia for that development of this cluster?


holds an important position within the hearts of silk-enthusiasts. It’s called among the important producer of quality Silk. Bhagalpur cluster is known for its silk based dress materials, saree, jewelry, stoles and residential furnishings, etc. It calls for the entire process of sericulture, making yarn and weaving into different designs. The silk created within this cluster has unique designs, designs and it has a definite identity one of the relaxation.

The Handloom industry in Bhagalpur makes around two million meters of silk per year. The turnover of Bhagalpur is about 100 crores, yearly. The cluster is split among seven towns. They’re Champa Nagar, Purani, Hussainabad, Aliganj, Kharik Bazaar, Nathnagar and Ambabaug. The physical climate here’s apt for showing Tassar cocoon and also the reared Silk is called Tassar Silk. The areas of Silk are Tassar, Muga, Katia, Ghiccha, Mulberry and Eri silks. Katia and Ghiccha would be the types of Tassar Silk which has a rough touch.

Cluster Initiatives for welfare and growth

The Bhagalpur cluster is involved in diverse pursuits like:

To lift the earnings and beneficial the quality lifestyle of weavers Planned activities to become carried out within the cluster Developing an effervescent web existence Developing a strong marketing consortium and workshop for training Encouraging and developing new items Presenting New wage schemes to energise the weavers Provide recycleables at subsidized rates towards the weavers Marketing and advertising cluster to be able to create a global presence

Significant details and figures

Underneath the cluster development plan new looms like dobby and jacquard are provided towards the weavers co-operative communities on 100% grant. A handsome quantity of `47 Lakhs was already found in this plan striving for 470 readers.

You will find you use around 40Thousand weavers employed by their residing in the Condition of Bihar in Co-operative industries. Only 366 co-operative communities are operational within the condition from the total of 1089.

Producing Tassar silk within the cluster is about 200 M.T per year and 50% from the fabric is offered abroad through the exporters in Bhagalpur, Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai. The rest of the 50% fabric is changed into Sarees and .

Bhagalpur cluster is adding around `100 crores worth trade yearly. The number of the turnover is paid for to become fifty percent from domestic market and outstanding fifty percent from export market.

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