Secrets of attraction

Secrets of attraction

The law of attraction can function amazingly well for some and not so well for others where there are reasons behind that. These reasons apply to everyone as well as the biggest reason this law fails to work in a person’s life is this which are  they don’t expect it to! How simple is that? Yes the biggest reason that people fail to get any degree of success is that they don’t really believe that this new understanding is real and since they don’t believe it, it fails to impact.

Secrets of attraction

Secrets of attraction: Visualize the life that you want to live.

This is how it used to get hard for me. In case you are not used to using visualization techniques, then it will take a little time before it becomes easier, and yes it takes practice exactly like other things. Picture the life which you want to live, not the one that you imagine you need to live, and start to fill in the details one by one. Picture your house, your car, your family, the yard and each of the specifics of the whole visualize.


Secrets of attraction: Use Affirmations.

Affirmations are excellent since they’re also positive statements expressed in today’s tense. You have to put down in writing the achievements you need to have, but do this is in the present tense as if you currently have it. Then all you need to do is repeat these affirmations on a daily basis. These optimistic statements sink into your subconscious and then they become a reality inside your daily life.


Secrets of attraction: Keep your focus

By maintaining your focus on tasks, you prevent your mind from wandering and being lost in what if’s along with other doubts and worries. You keep yourself from over-thinking that could usually result in you thinking bad thoughts. Keep your mind aimed at the job at hand is the greatest technique to monitor your thoughts.


Secrets of attraction

As a way to manifest anything into your life, when using the law of attraction, you must expect that it will truly happen. Expectation is merely belief and belief is another word for faith. Faith is believing in things not seen. When you combine expectation, belief, or faith with gratitude or thanksgiving you have a powerful force. There is nothing stronger than belief. But when you mix belief with gratefulness together with thankfulness, for whatever object which you hold in your thoughts, like it has definitely happened or been received by you, then you’re on the right track to having the wishes of your heart.






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