Sc2 Elite Guide – Zerg Infestor, Finest factor since sliced bread

Of all of the Zerg models the infestor is regarded as the very effective unit to take advantage of each and every time performing a Zerg versus Terran match. The explanation for this can be quite simple, the infestor is very good versus multiple kinds of bio models for instance, marine corps and marauders.As well as the infestor is unequalled towards large armored ground models for instance the infamous thor and crucio siege tank. The next information will highlight just how to take advantage from the infestor correctly.

The key factor to winning Sc2 is scouting and that means you know very well what the Terran player is going to do. You should employ your overlords to fly over the Terran base and discover what he or she is creating. I additionally typically send every one of my overlords towards the possible expansion points around the entire map and employ the generate slip capability to keep eyes around the entire map all game. Their marine corps will in most probability kill your overlord yet it’s a appropriate exchange for information.

Once the Terran player is making marine corps and marauders with medivacs then you need to definitly employ an infestor and zergling combo. Take advantage from the zerglings to carry their marine corps and marauders occupied yet still time have your infestors use yeast growth on these. Yeast growth can do 36 damage in AoE (Section of Attack) fashion getting a typical marine lower to some whopping 4 health insurance and affect his entire military as well as the zerglings should not obtain that too many problems being careful of whatevers left. If for whatever reason the Terran player decides to accompany thors or tanks then have your zerglings always keep these pre-occupied as possible infestors to shut range to be able to take advantage of neural parasite. This provides complete energy over his models for some time and after this its gg (good game). Simply take advantage of the zerglings to finish any models they’ve remaining. That being stated you will observe why infestors are undoubtedly an ideal unit to be effective and winning a Zerg versus Terran game.

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