Ruby on Rails Custom Database Integration

We at Mindfire Solutions happen to be employed in Ruby on Rails for quite a while now and also have developed Rails programs for a number of industries. One large advantage Rails has over other free web database integration languages may be the -time for you to development- effort needed. Using Rails programs could be developed in an exceedingly small amount of time. We’ve been developing programs for the clients in Rails and enabling these to cut their operating cost and increase their projects rapidly one stage further with elevated productivity.

We’ve good experience of using different gems available in line with the exact necessity of the customer. We’ve used gems like small_facebook jewel for Facebook integration, Braintree jewel for charge card validation and payment, Paperclip jewel for image processing etc. We’ve also implemented other tools like Sass, for creating and styling webpages, Capistrano for deployment of web programs etc. Being mixed up in Rails community is one thing we value and exercise. Lately we submitted a jewel in GIT which can be used as running surveys (GIT link: ).

In Rails we’ve knowledge of the next areas: Ruby on Rails custom database integration services. Ruby on Rails web-based database integration services Ruby on Rails porting and migration Rails Content management systems Development services Rails Blogs, Icons and Social Media site development Rails E-Commerce Database Integration Rails Support and maintenance.

We’ve developed a multitude of programs according to Ruby on Rails Platform, serving various kinds of needs for various industries. Couple of from the key places that we’ve knowledge of are the following:

1. Social Media 2. Blogs & Icons 3. Ad-Media 4. Property websites with complex google and custom maps

Mindfire’s team of Ruby on Rails designers have good experience and understanding in Ruby on Rails database integration using Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails-supported technologies, and all sorts of built-in gems supplied by Rails. Mindfire’s wealthy knowledge of Rails development continues to be produced throughout delivering many Rails projects for the clients situated around the planet. Technologies we’ve acquired expertise and proven history in Rails are as below:

1. Rails 2.3.12 & Rails 3.1 2. MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g 3. HAML 4. SASS 5. Github

Problems in later life the concerns companies have when considering outsourcing try to another place – that’s why we offer a couple days free trial offer period in addition to we’ve different prices models (http://world wide web[us dot]mindfiresolutions[us dot]com/billingmodels.htm ) to really make the work flow softer.

If you wish to or and want ruby on rails experts help, make contact with Mindfire today – call 1-248-686-1424 or email sales[at]mindfiresolutions[us dot]com – to leverage the strong history and solid experience with Mindfire’s ruby on rails programs.

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