Ruan Erxiao declined in to the chair

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Rudder ,full to satisfy him ! Zhuo strong a hurry of bloodstream towards the mind ,to battle !Annan states that gunboats to dragon cloud rises ,the boat mariners checked out the ship breaking seafood boat will react .

All of them think this seafood boat will avoid confusion ,but it’s not too simple to hide .The gunboat thirty rate, as the boat is usually only 15 knots, to prevent simple hard over the sky .

As he saw the dragon cloud ,not just to avoid ,but went their very own face ,but a little confused !Meet on on the narrow path ,who dares wins .However the fishing boats for sale and gunboats differ too much, this boat is possess a dying wish ?Ruan Erxiao within the brain thinking rapidly using the fierce collision effects ,he thought the gunboat hurry ,Fisher must run ,as gunboat in it ,its damage isn’t too big .

The other straight to you ,if perhaps by slight gunboats to injuries isn’t feasible .And ,another speed why so quick !The rate in excess of 10 day 20 absolute ,section ,section thirty are possible !However the boat speed very rapidly, than their very own ship, high-speed patrol motorboats are faster on the couple of minutes .

This can be a odd fishing boats for sale !But it features a machine gun, large within the summer time of gun management is extremely strict ,this heavy machine guns around the ship ,the ship using the military relationship? Ruan Erxiao Khan all of a sudden go out, initially ship feel little impulse ,if there’s a military boat without anyone’s knowledge ,a large factor words ,their future could be harmful .

Fishing existence can ,their future is essential ,so a bump ,triggered a diplomatic dispute ,his Annan country inevitably fall around the leeward .To be able to quell the large summer time country purist thunderwrath ,themself because the primary responsible person ,not really a punishment isn’t feasible ,then your mayor of his uncle could be somewhat small .

It’s not a mayor are able to afford .In a condition of hysteria, Ruan minor brain remarkably well with lots of ,this type of thought, he hurriedly purchased : avoiding them !Quick ,fast ! This time around to show to evade ,appears to possess been late .

Zhuo Ziqiang standing bow ,check this out beetle class gunboats had cold ft, to one for reds go ,he not by their own smart decision-making hearten tirelessly .He waved his hands : !I knocked it towards the small waist ! Ye Chuchu was Zhuo strong side ,also leaped for pleasure ,yelled : punch ,punch ,punch !Sink it ! Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei watch the wild beauty ,and shook his mind ,sighed again .

Ruan two hearts that enrages :I the gunboat are soft collision avoidance ,you this wreck also pole spell what existence ah !Two allow me to, you or I ,right now you for this reason ? Fast ,faster, prevent them ! Nguyen two urgently known as petty corruption .

Lengthy Yun constantly adjust course, is suddenly died would be to hit it having a guy .Due to too close ,and also the dragon cloud amazing speed ,so Ruan Erxiao orders appear a little late .Just pay attention to light a noisy crash ,the heavily colliding ,the nearby sea water are turned on six or seven meters high .

! Ruan Erxiao was the pressure from the crash shock lower ,this moment ,he didn’t feel discomfort ,just feel blacked out . These years whitened mix ,bitter because ,promising destroyed ! Step step-by-step wrong ,wrong !The command ship !As the command to prevent is wrong !If fling caution towards the winds hitting ,one out of the shadows is wrong ,but independently and on the internet ,you probably did would be a hero !However ,a matter of seconds ,can end up being the hero that belongs to them ,within the twinkling of the eye grew to become an interesting turtle !Lengthy Yun on everyone is difficult ,maintain shock within the deck, were Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei pulled ,Zhuo strong will probably happen to be tossed overboard inertia effect .

Chafe the shoulder discomfort ,Zhuo strong fully stand up gradually ,see dragon cloud sharp bow has stabbed the category gunboat side plate ,it cannot light a gunboat .The dragon cloud underneath the waterline along with a ram ,should have hit the gunboats under waterline chamber ,to ensure that the gunboats is a little harmful .

Begin to see the dragon cloud still full horsepower to actuate ,Zhuo strong command to prevent immediately .Yin Xiao Zhuo strong command over ,dragon cloud .Dragon cloud to actuate and gradually back ,it is primarily the retreat ,gunboat underneath the waterline was ram with the large hole will quickly to irrigation ,time to sink ,will unquestionably !Zhuo Ziqiang purchased the dragon cloud self-test after discovery ,dragon cloud shell front have serious deformation ,but aside from the front-end collision caused ship shell deformation ,other areas and little damage .

And south the boat new gunboat in the centre ,was converted into a cow hole ,stretches to the side ,underneath the waterline to do not need to say yourself ,must in addition have a small inlet .See gunboat sight ,three of these having a voyage out cell phone to consider photos ,and both Zhuo Ziqiang in charge do foreground ,background is obviously the gunboats also it the large hole .

Ruan other half awaken when in the condition was aide-p-camping to awaken : Mister ,our this boat ,but we are able to be a little harmful which gunboat ! Ruan minor appeared to keep in mind something ,all of a sudden was up ,looked out ,he then want to see the ghost in the dragon cloud berth within the distance, look was unscathed .

This ,no chance ! Ruan minor announced shout yourself hoarse . Mister ,we’re the gunboats were seriously broken ,may ,may be likely to sink . Aide within this crisis, also didn’t understand Ruan Erxiao .

Sorry? A small fishing-boat was hit ,fishing right, our this fastening gunboats will sink !TM you making fun of me could it be right? ? Nguyen two hole although so say ,actually he was adjutant reminded ,clearly people have the gunboats are gradually tilts .

The NWO warship is paper paste !?Or we experienced a ghost ship ? Ruan Erxiao certainly can’t accept this cruel reality . Create it for me sink !!! Nguyen small woofing road .Adjutant busy stopped the mad Commander : ,under my answer !Since this is a significant breach of rules ,and Mister ,if sunk them, who’ll save us ?The thing is, they clearly within the waiting save our people within the water .

.. … Ruan Erxiao is searching from the window ,saw the dragon cloud # 2 males are running backwards and forwards ,the ship existence together ,it stated the adjutant .You today released two orders ,following the apparent is really a serious error, when the command is released on again ,there might be little life insurance coverage .

However ,what ever the gunboat ,really just … … Finished ? Ruan Erxiao declined in to the chair .Adjutant to influence : Mister ,appear it, as the ship would sink ,we are able to all go

feed the sharks ! Nguyen small a rational ,even though the accident themself should be seriously punished ,but declined to shoot it !All glory ,all visit hell !At the moment the most crucial

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