RRA 2011 Rock River Arms Operator 2 Entry AR15 Rifles

The brand new Operator Series from Rock River Arms – Plenty of features in an outstanding cost.

During the time of the final presidential election, in many parts of the united states AR-15s couldn’t be had for just about any amount of dollars, and people that did reach dealer shelves went the doorway within a few minutes for 40 to 50 greater than they were marketing for any 12 several weeks earlier. Now, each supplier I understand has shelves and shelves of AR-15s on his shelves since the provide finally swept up to and surpassed falling demand.nd.

Additionally to elevated production by established AR companies, every single gun maker which has a pulse looks to become creating some type of an AR-15 now. 50 % of individuals rifles are piston guns, as individuals are actually extremely popular, using the marketing level that gas-piston operated ARs are naturally much more reliable.

Don’t pay consideration that piston guns weigh more plus much more high-listed compared to original, direct-impingement kinds or that contemporary ARs not have the similar reliability problems Eugene Stoner’s layout knowledgeable if this was initial launched a lot more than 4 decades previously. Piston weapons have become promoted because the superior mousetrap.

Into this under welcoming political weather, Rock River Arms did not introduce just 1 new gun but an brand-new string of guns. The business’s Operator line includes several diverse versions of Rock River’s effectively-respected direct-gas-operated LAR-15. All of them share some typical characteristics, and also the weapons place their identify in the new Operator stock Rock River Arms has released.

Rock River Arms began out creating quite wonderful 1911s, and years just prior to being awesome, the Corona, IL, company experienced the AR-15 area. Its guns happen to be so correctly-created the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency selected Rock River to produce its problem gun-available right now because the LAR-15 Professional-Series Government Design.

Rock River Arms is at the moment marketing the consumer guns like a bundle deal, using the hands gun of your liking outfitted using its National Match NM two-stage trigger, any 1 of four back sight handles, a just one-inch or 30mm High-Rise scope mount, two 30-capacity magazines along with a situation. These packages can start a remarkably economical cost of $1,000. Like I stated, timing is every factor.

All rifles attribute flat-top devices and 16-inch chrome moly 1:9″ twist barrels with 5.56 NATO chambers, expected using the Rock River Arms Tactical Muzzle Brake.

I could look into the Elite User and also the Entry Operator Weapon, however the Tactical Operator shares a number of of the functions.

The Elite Operator Weapon is easily the most unusual-searching person in the audience.

Having a mid-length gas system, it features a distinctive handguard, RRA’s 50 %-Quad Free Float. The forward 50 percent of the aluminum handguard has regular quad rails, although the trunk 1 / 2 of the handguard is really a easy oblong, theoretically giving the person the very best of each mobile phone industry’s. This more time aluminum handguard adds weight towards the Elite, producing it the most heavy person in the trio, however it even today recommendations the scales just 8 pounds ..

Either the Admittance User and Tactical User are fitted using the normal brief gas system and plastic M4-sort handguards. The Bond Operator’s barrel abilities an M203 cutout for your military profile, although the Tactical Operator’s barrel is its regular medium-weight barrel lacking from the cutout.

All 3 rifles are outfitted with Rock River’s winter trigger guard and also the ERGO Grip. Although I favor a hard pistol grip, I’ve lengthy recommended utilization of pistol grips these types of because the ERGO that give a minor materials towards the backstrap from the weapon. Regular AR pistol grips are extremely little for anybody who does not have kid-measurement arms, plus they encourage poor taking photos approach by placing as soon as joint from the finger around the trigger. Aftermarket grips this kind of because the ERGO appropriate this problem.

The rifles are targeted track of the RRA Star fire/selector, which stays out a little a lot more in the receiver than the usual mil-spec safeguards. It’s not ambidextrous. The safety labored just loved it truly should, however i such as the looks from the mil-spec style far better-possibly because of the very fact it’s what I am used to.

After I initial acquired the Entry Rifle Elite Rifle Elite Weapon and attempted the trigger, I had been really amazed. Like a common rule, factory triggers on AR-15s are horrible. Not too the Operator’s trigger. It is a crisp, light, two-stage trigger that breaks proper at four kilos–not things i was expecting whatsoever.

It was just before I recognized that the Elite Rifle Elite Weapon rifles arrive prepared with Rock River’s correctly-respected two-stage National Match trigger system, with a lightened hammer. (The business’s NM Complement trigger package sells individually for $120, if you are pondering of improving the trigger in your current AR.)

The Elite Operator buttstock is a six-position Vehicle-type set up with water tight chambers and multiple sling attachment points. The proportion includes a ribbed rubber buttpad that 35mm slides lower having a thrust-button release to show the 2 chambers, sealed with O-rings. Each will keep either two AA batteries or several CR123 lithium batteries.

As area of the package you’ve your alternative associated with a 1 of four rear sights: a conventional bolt-on A2 carry handle a stand-alone rear sight a RRA Dominator2 by having an elevated rail produced particularly to be used using the EOTech Holosight or even the RRA tactical carry handle that functions a heightened rail just below how much the sights.

The mil-spec magazines supplied with both Entry Rifle and Elite Weapons I examined happen to be made by NHMTG (Colt).

For range function I targeted in the Entry Operator Rifle having a stand alone back sight behind an Aimpoint Comp ML2, and also the Elite Operator Rifle having a Dominator2 rear sight combined with an EOTech 512 (AA battery ). For exactness assessment I employed a Trijicon 4×32 ACOG.

Manufacturer Rock River Arms

Design: Operator Rifle Model Series

Type: direct gas-impingement AR semiauto

Magazine Capacity: accepts AR-15 magazines associated with a capacity ability

Quality: 5.56 NATO chamber

Barrel length: 16-inches chrome moly, 1:9″ twist

Total length: 37 inches

Weight: 7.2 pounds . (Entry and Tactical), 8. pounds (Elite)

Handguard: (Entry Operator and Tactical) 50 percent-Quad aluminum free float (Elite)

Stock: RRA Operator Series Vehicle compartment stock, ERGO SureGrip pistol grip

Forward & Rear Sights: publish entrance windage-adjustable rear aperture

Trigger: RRA National NM Match, 4 pounds pull

Value: $1,000 (Operator Series and Tactical), $1,000


Rolando Burke – Industry News Reporter. Visit to learn more. Additional resources for & sellers. To find the best AR-15 Rifle, the obvious option is Rock River Arms.

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