Roman glass pendant – 2000 many years of beauty

Part of history-

?Jewellery produced from genuine ancient glass discovered in ancient excavations.

?Glass created by craftsmen 2000 years back! Changed into fine jewellery today.


The moment the pride of ancient enthusiasts, Roman glass has been changed into exotic bits of fine jewellery. Each bit is exclusively occur a silver or gold, specifically designed to complement the feel and look from the ancient glass.

In the past, such rare products where only discovered in museums or perhaps in private collections. Now, they are able to fit in with folks everywhere.

Within the ancient world, just before the arrival of contemporary industrial facilities, each piece of glasses was made by hand with a skilled builder, each bit just like a small thing of beauty.

This just is not plastic or contemporary mass created glass.

These items have been created centuries ago but they seem like timeless designs created by a publish-impressionist artist. The wealthy ancient hues happen to be changed and softened by the passing of time by the minerals of the world, developing a gentle pattern of exotic colors- dark blues diminishing into green…

Poetry in glass!


Everything started within the deserts from the ancient world, the crossroads of civilization. Additional than 2000 years back the Roman Empire mastered the majority of the recognized world and started manufacturing glass using the desert sands. Because of its availability and wide array of forms and uses, glass soon grew to become the -craze- from the ancient world, rivaling clay pottery for private use and artistic appeal.

It had been most generally useful for personal products for instance women’s cosmetic or perfume bottles, flasks for creams and oils or products located on the around the house for example vases and dinnerware.

The youthful lady in Jerusalem sinking perfume from the finally crafted bottle would in no way have imagined that 2000 years later another youthful lady might be putting on part of the really bottle ongoing the legacy from the ancient glass-makers from the Roman Empire!


Roman glass is discovered in ancient excavations inside the lands across the ancient trade routes in what is now Israel, Afghanistan and Syria. Its fine designs stay intact, its colors overflowing through the absorption of minerals in the earth through the centuries.

Potential Market

Roman glass made its first appearance in the marketplace by means of souvenirs in the Holy Land. Since it’s recognition started to develop, various innovative craftsmen inside the old town of Jerusalem started creating Roman glass jewellery.

This jewellery only has lately made an appearance around the worldwide marketplace and interest is continuing to grow quickly, being an internet search can have.

The entire line includes both small, fairly affordable fragments and substantial, multi-patterned pieces, offering a variety of prices to attract an enormous and various market.

Now you’ll be able to take advantage of the surface of both mobile phone industry’s: the reduced labor costs of Asian manufacturing coupled with supplies bought from sources inside the old town of Jerusalem, converting into cost-effective retail costs.

Be among the pioneers within this quickly growing worldwide niche marketplace!


From romantic dreamers considering the traditional world to lower-to-earth enthusiasts of straightforward beauty, Roman glass jewellery can attract an array of customers. Prospective interests can contain:

Exotic roots

Ancient history

Mystical link with a bygone world

Associations using the cradle of ancient cultures

Connect to the birthplace of Western religions

The benefit of subtle beauty conserved underneath the earth

Created by character

Timeless idea

Brining to existence a reminder dear to someone in a time long ago

Something to become worn with pride for a long time that will by no means walk out fashion!


1.The colorful coating layer which was created through the centuries is known to as -patina-.

2.Roman glass is offered by a few without getting the patina. But we preserve the patina and it is natural luster.

three.The patina on glass fragments can put on served by use, hence, through the manufacturing process we strengthen the patina with transparent resin to safeguard it and preserve its natural splendor.

four.Prices change from piece to piece, based on its evaluated beauty and the effectiveness of the patina.

5.Roman glass sells very well with both gold and silver, all of them silver are at their most effective and offered.

6.Increasing cost for that raw supplies signifies an growing demand for this. Eventually it’ll turn to be unusual.

7.Our competitive benefit: getting into bulk, in-house manufacturing by means of all steps from the method, creative designs along with a passionate resolve for the idea allows us to provide the very best deal probable.

8.The pieces aren’t entirely uniform, but by reworking the patina, we are able to guarantee a higher amount of consistency.

9.We’ve ample supplies presently available.

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