Rock Stand an Indigenous e-book Application

Rock Stand’ aBrainchild of RockASAP Sells Pvt. Ltd., is extremely first e-book and eMagazine application on Mobile & Tablet in India. It’s been made to cater the requirements of bibliophiles and marketers around the globe.

Since last couple of years, need for e-books continues to be elevated, and tablet revolution has faster its audience. e-books has various benefits like easy ease of access, instant delivery, cost effectivenessetc.e-books also assist in protecting literature because they are ageless they don’t burn, mildew, crumble or rot. However, with one of these benefits one of the leading challenges being confronted with e-books is Piracy. Many marketers & authors are fighting with Piracy, as discussing and copying of file become super easy when it’s digitally.

Besides, those who have really not bought will also get the copy of e-book. In this scenario RockStand is really a Messiah, this excellent DRM integrated application supports Anti-Piracy and with the aid of this application e-books can’t be moved, printed, replicated or screen taken. This indigenous application is put by having an FREE e-book readers and has a facility which encrypts a magazine formally purchased from our platform after which tag using the specific device. One can’t transfer it with other device, cannot have a print screen, print copy and share it with other people in all forms.

When we talk guides, then Rock Stand’s major focus is on Best Retailers and Celebrity authoredbooks. Furthermore, we have all of the famous national and worldwide e-books & eMagazine of numerous genres. From the total amount of physical Magazines and books offered in India, regional content rules the proportion by 65%. And then we also support regional content and regional books & magazine can also be found around. Education is another area which requires large amount of digitalization and we might be also serving this segment using the content on Academics, entrance preparation, General Understanding, etc.

This application is supported on multiple platforms’ like Android, iOS, Home windows (Rim, Symbian yet others are not far off). Besides, it’s possible to carry 400-800 e-books at any given time and may read them based on mood and preference. Password protection is yet another unique feature of the application which may not let anybody to see your e-book / eMagazine. Furthermore, for max visual experience we’ve feature of inverting text into evening reading through mode. We have Digitalized book-marking and facility to take notes with the aid of which evenif a person does not remember to place a bookmark while logging out, the unit takes note of user’s last activity(like last opened up e-book and last page). Switch on Facility is an additional advantage of this unique application.

Our application continues to be appreciated by many people Technocrats, snapped up major attention of media & public. Most importantly, let us saves tree and atmosphere and promote e-books reading through. According to our estimate, one tree yields enough paper for approximately 60 books. We’d certainly have a target to live in of saving couple of million trees by selling increasingly more e-books and eMagazines!

Bio:, India’s first m-commerce company has released Mobile application by title of “” for those android phone customers. RockSTAND is going to be a good way for those android customers to gain access to all e-books, eMagazine, devices and lifestyle items.

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