Robot Bees Assisted To Trap Osama bin Laden

Robot Bees Assisted To Trap Osama bin Laden?Though a lot more than eight years have passed since 9/11 changed Osama bin Laden in to the world’s popular guy, the Saudi Arabian warlord remains in particular. The U.S. government’s persistent (and, to date, fruitless) intends to catch bin Laden were lately cast into doubt by Attorney General Eric Holder’s conjecture that he’ll not be taken alive. Here is a think back at a few of the more radical entrapment schemes individuals have recommended on the way:

1. A teleportation miracle

In 2005, “military futurists” at Edwards Air Pressure Base Research Lab were apparently trying to pioneer Star Wars??Clike teleportation technology by having an eye to “beaming” soldiers across lengthy distances. Eventually, predicted military spokesperson Ranney Edwards within the Bay Area Chronicle, this could permit the U.S. to teleport soldiers into “a cave, tap bin Laden around the shoulder, and say: ‘Let’s go.'” ‘”

2. An airborne bear squad

Based on Stars and Stripe, an anonymous letter author informed the Government, precisely, that the bear’s olfaction is much more acute than the usual bloodhound’s. “Trained bears with Gps navigation and day/evening cameras around their necks might have the ability to search lower [bin Laden’s] scent,” authored the un named amateur strategist. His proposal involved shedding bears putting on “parachutes that self-destruct after landing” into western Pakistan?aeveryone knows just how much difficulty bears have taking individuals things off.

3. A robot military of killer bees

The Government has attempted training bees to smell tanks. But a little nanotechnology firm has apparently gone further, declaring it might design “little drones which are how big bumblebees” using the ability to search lower and kill terrorists. Possibly the $25 million reward for taking OBL belongs to the revenue forecast?

4. Psychic spies

The British Secretary of state for Defense apparently spent $27,000 prospecting clairvoyants to discover bin Laden’s hideaway in 2002. Based on the Daily Mail, the Britons employed 12 amateur clairvoyants to determine whether their sixth sense could be employed to “remotely view” the terrorist’s secret headquarters. Ultimately, it appears, defense chiefs came to the conclusion there is “little value” in mobilizing the would-be mind-visitors.

5. Wildlife distribution technology (also known as pretending he’s a pet)

Geographers at UCLA triumphantly introduced in ’09 they’d discovered Osama’s hiding place using condition-of-the-art “wildlife distribution technology.” Depending on how creatures behave within the wild, stated Thomas Gillespie towards the NY Occasions, we are able to deduce he’s “nearest to the stage where he was last reported” and “inside a region which has a similar physical atmosphere and cultural composition.” UCLA posited it was a tribal village named Parachinar. Regrettably, nobody has yet accompanied around the conjecture.

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