RHUB 4-in-1 Products Easy to customize for Optimisation of Online Collaboration Experience

Internet Conferencing Solutions from Real-Time Collaboration HUB (RHUB) are for sale to customers either online or network marketing. The onetime price of the RHUB system is minimal. It’s either bought online through the sales division of RHUB website or call 866-758-0984 for inquiries. Regional marketers may also be pleased to provide accurate cost lists and knowledge about accessibility to items. >

RHUB offers government departments in america different prices levels. Modified costs are based in the GSA MAS reference Schedule GS-35F-0550W for RHUB home appliances. Some-in-1 desktop conferencing appliance is available in 6 models beginning in the littlest capacity of 10 meeting rooms towards the biggest offering 50 meeting rooms.

The Turbo Meeting TM-200 allows 2 rooms and 10 concurrent customers and charges $4995. It may easily expand to permit 4 meeting rooms with 20 synchronised customers by having to pay only $200 for every additional room and $75 for each synchronised user. This involves a tenOr100 Megabytes Ethernet and operates on 4.5 W and it is fan-less.

The TM-250E has the capacity to host 3 meeting rooms and 15 synchronised customers and could be broadened to 10 meeting rooms with 50 concurrent customers for around $200 per room and concurrent user $75 each. This model requires 10 to 1000 Megabytes Ethernet having a minimum energy way to obtain 14W.

A default of 6 rooms and 30 synchronised customers having a cost of $2,995, the TM-550 could be broadened to incorporate 50 meeting rooms and 200 customers previously. The price of additional customers is modified to Sixty Dollars per user.

Finally, the TM-600 has you use 12 meeting rooms, 70 customers listed at $5,495. This rack mounted chassis for alternative deployment options needs 200w to operate. Additional meeting rooms could be bought at $140 and extra user at $50 each. Expandability is perfect when offering remote support for big amounts of remote customers such as with a support center.

Unlike located solutions, RHUB is definitely an appliance based solution for , and web seminar. It’s includes a scalable and extension certification policy that exist the best device without investing an excessive amount of.

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