Rhino Tuff HD-E4100 Electric Econ-O-Roll Spiral Coil Inserter Review


The Rhin-O-Tuff HD-E4100 is was initially designed being an economical option to the tradition Rhin-O-Roll HD4170.

This removed lower coil inserter includes the fundamental features that you’ll want for placing spiral coils to the fringe of your document.

The E4100 could be easily connected to the surface of your Rhino Tuff binding punch or can be used a stand alone unit. Rhin-O-Tuff has introduced a method to make use of this device using the HD4101 Ez Book former.

Talents / Features:

The HDE4100 Econ-O-Roll coil inserter includes a large diameter rubber curler to assist guide your coil on your documents. This huge curler is made from exactly the same top quality rubber that’s utilized on the bigger more costly Rhino Tuff coil inserters. Additionally, it features a lower curler that’s adjustable that will help you cope with different sized books. This lower curler isn’t run by can spin together with your coil out of the box needed.

This machine includes a small spine developing trough around the front from the machine. This chrome funnel can be used that will help you give a slight curve to the bottom of your website to create placing simpler for big diameter coils. This funnel is made for use with coils as much as 25mm across.

Among the best reasons for the HD-E4100 is something you will not get in print anywhere. Rhin-O-Tuff constitutes a special package that enables you to definitely attach the HD4101 EZ Book Former towards the front of the machine. While using two models together you’ll be able to load the web pages of the book in to the spine former after which make use of the E4100 to place the big diameter coils on your pages. With such two models together you’ll be able to place 40mm, 45mm and 50mm coils and save immeasureable time.

Utilizing an optional package (not the same as the main one pointed out above) you are able to attach the kodak playtouch camcorder to the peak of the Rhino Tuff binding punch. This can help to conserve space inside a crowded office or production area.

Weak points / Restrictions:

This machine has one powered curler and the other more compact curler that’s not powered. The very best coil inserters may have both paint rollers powered. With both paint rollers spinning the placing process usually goes softer and there’s less sliding. Both Rhin-O-Roll HD4170 and also the GBC CC2700 have dual spinning paint rollers. This really is one good reason why this really is considered an economy coil inserter.

The motor with this machine is connected to the paint rollers using two thin obvious elastic devices. These devices tend to be thinner compared to devices utilized on other similar machines. If you are using this machine greatly it are only dependent on time before you decide to break a belt. The devices aren’t very difficult to exchange. It’s really a wise decision with an extra one available.

The package to connect the HD4101 towards the front of the machine and also the package to connect this machine to the peak of the Rhin-O-Tuff punch are generally optional add-ons that will have to be special purchased. When you get the package, be ready to spend between 30-an hour affixing the 2 models together. The instructions aren’t great and that i found it’s a bit tricky after i made it happen the very first time.

While using HD-E4100 together with the HD4101 certainly makes placing large diameter coils a great deal simpler. However, you should observe that the style of the HD-4101 doesn’t lend itself to make use of with index tabs or index allowance covers. These products stick out of the fringe of it which makes it virtually impossible to shape the spine of the book.


Even though this is an economy spiral coil inserter somewhat I favor this to a lot of more costly models.

Most coil inserters possess a really difficult time placing spines onto large sized books. This really is one good reason they include dual spinning paint rollers.

This machine does not have dual powered paint rollers. However, it will an excellent job with smaller books. For bigger sized books, by using this machine when mounted on a HD-4101 is a lot simpler than using the most costly coil inserters.

I’d recommend this machine particularly when used with the ez book former. Keep in mind it does not work nicely for index tabs. You’ll have to place the coils onto individuals books manually.

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