Rhin-O-Tuff OD4300 Review

Rhino’s OD4300 is made to work with their OD4000 and OD4800 binding punches. It’s intended for high volume, print shop and production floor use. Within the following review, we’ll have a look in the relative merits of the machine, and provide you with a listing of the items we say is its talents and weak points.


We discovered that the machine the OD4300 utilizes is remarkably good at accelerating the entire process of spiral coil insertion. Typically, placing spiral coils gets to be more difficult because the diameter from the document increases. However, the initial style of the OD4300 virtually removed this problem, basically by reducing greatly on how long the user needs to handle spiral coil throughout the insertion process.

We discovered that this bulk manufactured handling more extended coils much simpler compared to nearly every other system. Nearly all other coil inserters require that you simply cut thirty-six inch coil prior to starting the insertion process. The OD4300, however, appears to become at its best when whole bits of 36 inch coil are utilized. It goes a lengthy means by reducing waste and extremely does improve productivity.

Another factor that people really loved concerning the OD4300 is it occupies much less space the huge most of other coil inserters. Made to attach straight to your Rhino combo binding station. We always appreciate a design that saves us space.

While using OD4100, you are able to adapt the OD4300 into a classical type coil inserter. Which means that any user who must make use of the OD4300 for extended runs will still have the ability to have a classical curler type inserter for shorter run productions.

Weak points:

If you use the OD4300 properly, but for the appropriate programs, it’s a machine that can help you save a lot of time. However, for several customers, the alternative might be true. The training curve is a touch bit steep with this machine, and setup could be a chore. If you can to dedicate one user / specialist towards the OD4300, you shouldn’t have any problems. For a moment have multiple customers, all whom is going to be needed to setup and employ the device, you might find that productivity slows.

The OD4300 isn’t designed like a stand alone machine. To be able to utilize it, you’ll either have to bolt it onto a Rhino binding punch (the OD4800 or even the HD4000), or you’ll have to purchase the OD3500 binding station.

As mentioned above, setup could be a little small time intensive process. To be able to achieve this properly, you will have to make certain that you simply adjust the device for that coil size that you’re using, which the right mandrel dimensions are used. In addition, this machine mandates that the coil be loaded individually. While this stuff get this to unit an excellent choice for longer runs and longer coils, individuals who’re simply using it for any couple of books and shorter coils could find that it’s possibly a bit more trouble compared to what they expected.

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