Rhin-O-Tuff HC8024 Review

The Rhino Tuff HC8024 likes the competitive benefit of to be the only double loop wire closer available on the market that may handle 24 inch documents. It’s a number of other abilities too, and wish to consider have a look only at that machine and list for you personally what we should say is its pros and cons.


One apparent strength from the HC8024 is that’s stands because the only 24 inch double loop closer that’s available available on the market. This machine can close twin loop, WireBind, spiral-o, double loop, and wire-o spines in almost any diameter as well as in measures as much as 24 inches.

We actually loved the HC8024 features a very handy slide out table that’s situated around the front. Remarkably enough, there’s not another wire closer presently available on the market which includes a document table. We discovered that it managed to get a great deal simpler to cope with bigger format documents like calendars and music books.

The entire process of modifying the closer for that different dimensions of wire is amazing easy about this machine. You will find two large, apparent knobs which make the procedure very simple. What we should are actually impressed with is always that we’re able to make use of this machine to utilize wires no more than three sixteenths and as huge as one inch along with a quarter. With this particular machine, it makes no difference whatsoever if the spine under consideration is 2:1, 3:1 or 19 loop wire hair combs. The versatile HC8024 can tackle all of them.

Just like most of us have come to anticipate from Rhino items, the HC8024 is of metal construction. Which includes both chassis and also the working parts. We are able to see pointless the HC-8024 wouldn’t last several years, even just in a higher production stetting.

Weak points:

We discovered that the whole process of the HC8024 was a little bit unwieldy, for the reason that it takes that both of your hands be utilized along the way. You will find two handles around the machine, and that we can easily see the way it needed to be designed by doing this, however it does result in the HC8024 just a little harder to function that a few of the other wire closers that are offered. To obtain a good closing, you have to put the wire to ensure that you can be certain it will not move throughout the procedure. It isn’t impossible, somewhat tricky.

This can be a binding machine that’s able to binding nearly any size document that you’re going to want it to. The main one exception is it can not be combined with 1 1 / 2 inch binding spines. This isn’t a really generally seen size wire, but we simply thought we ought to bring it up.

The capability to deal with 24″ documents is a superb factor, however it entails that you’ll be needed, naturally, to buy 24″ wire. This really is some a niche item, and it is sometimes difficult to find, as well as somewhat costly.

If you are looking at more details concerning the , you need to really take a look at MyBinding.com. They provide an excellent cost about this machine plus they even offer Free Delivery on all orders over $75. Actually, they carry among the biggest choices of available online. Select a wire closing machine from producers for example GBC, Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles, Tamerica and Renz. Take a look today!

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