Rhin-O-Tuff HC-8000 Review

Rhino’s HC-8000 is situated like a solution for print shops along with other production conditions where twin loop (also called wire-o, double-o, or double loop) binding is performed regularly. Made from all metal, the HC-8000 is intended for heavy use. Within the following report, we take particular notice in the HC-8000, and list for you personally what we should say is its talents and weak points.


Most likely the finest strength from the HC-8000 is it may be the only real wire closer available on the market that’s made for use with all sizes of wire that’s available. Although the huge most of customers will not need to use all sizes wire from three sixteenths to 1 1 / 2 inches, it definately is nice to understand you have the capacity if the need ever arise.

One very prevalent problem that’s typical with wire closers is they perform a good job closing one for reds of the book, but leave sleep issues slightly open. This happens because with time, the wire closer’s gears start to slip. The HC-8000, however, features a few thumb screws which are really durable, and permit the consumer to create changes on both sides from the closer. This helps you to make amends for other issues for example deformed wire or other kind of slippage that’s certain to happen with time. With this particular kind of functionality and durability built-in, the HC-8000 has nearly every other wire closer’s design beat, so far as we’re concerned.

The HC-8000 works just great like a stand alone machine, and also you will not need any kind of stand or holder for doing things. However, this machine may also be connected to the surface of several types of Rhino’s modular binding punches. Used like a stand alone, place a couple around the tasks of punching and binding, which supports mightily with convenience and productivity. That’s why we’ve not a problem suggesting the HC-8000 for big production, high volume programs, such as you may get in print shops or binderies.

Weak points:

It’s our thoughts the HC-8000 is clearly among the best wire closers available on the market. However one factor that you should know of before you decide to join in and buy this machine is it is made to be utilized with books which are as much as 14 inches long. Which will easily encompass most jobs, but there might be the periodic task for which you may need a longer capacity machine. Within this situation you’ll have to split the closing utilizing a two step process.

Another minor but vital that you problem some customers may have using the HC-8000 is that it’s a flat oriented machine. A number of other wire closers of the type work up and down. This isn’t a large problem, just something you will need to get accustomed to if you’re familiar with doing all of your wire closing on the up and down oriented machine.

The HC8000 doesn’t incorporate a wire hanger. This means that you’ll either want to use the wire hanger in your punch or have some other method to contain the wire in position when you place the web pages to the loops.

If you are looking at more details concerning the , you need to really take a look at . They provide an excellent cost about this machine plus they even offer Free Delivery on all orders over $75. Actually, they carry among the biggest choices of available online. Select from producers for example GBC, Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles, Tamerica and Renz.

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