Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL Electric Spiral Coil Binding Machine Review


The Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL is really a new electric spiral coil binding machine that’s designed particularly to be used inside a professional office atmosphere.

This machine is created in the united states by Performance Design Corporation. (PDI) who creates the entire type of Rhin-O-Tuff or Rhino Tuff professional binding equipment.

The majority of the other bits of Rhin-O-Tuff binding equipment that’s in the marketplace looks industrial and is made for use within print facilities and production conditions. The 3250-CL requires a different approach and offers a good, easy and contemporary design to be used inside a modern office atmosphere.


Among the finest talents from the Rhino Tuff 3250CL is its contemporary design. Inside a ocean of commercial searching binding punches, this machine is really a breath of outdoors. PDI really hired an artist from H . P . to assist them to get the 3250 to ensure that it might easily fit in in the modern office atmosphere. It makes sense a modern day, simple to use binding system that’s simple to use and appears a lot more like a printer than a bit of industrial equipment.

The Rhino Tuff 3250 can also be made to function as the simplest to make use of electric spiral coil binding machine available on the market. The designers of the machine recognized that just about no-one in a office atmosphere really wants to bind documents. Binding is frequently viewed as difficult, tiresome or time intensive. This machine is made to be incredibly easy to operate to ensure that any person in work can rapidly and simply bind documents.

This machine includes a top quality group of spiral coil crimping pliers. These pliers possess a unique spring loaded mechanism which makes them simpler to make use of than a number of other pairs of coil crimpers.

The 3250CL provides an industrial motor inside a contemporary package. Rhin-O-Tuff is renowned for its ultra durable punching equipment. This machine includes a commercial strength motor which was initially produced for huge duty modular punch. This motor enables customers to punch as much as 25 pieces of paper at any given time that is impressive for any desktop coil binding machine.

Additionally, it features a take out drawer with clear to see binding instructions, a location to keep your crimpers along with a calculating device that enables you to definitely rapidly choose the best size coil for the documents.

Other bits of electric coil binding equipment available on the market has a 12 months warranty around the machine with no warranty around the punching dies. This machine provides a 3 year warranty around the machine along with a 12 months warranty around the punching dies. Using this type of warranty, you will not be concerned about issues with this machine.

Weak points:

Even though the Rhin-O-Tuff 3250CL provides a great contemporary design and it is simple to use, it’s not well suited for everybody. It is made to punch 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized documents. For almost all offices, this really is ideal. However, customers who require to bind documents which are longer or shorter than eleven inches might want to select a different machine.

The 3250 was created mainly for binding more compact sized documents. Although you’ll be able to bind thicker books with this particular unit, the coil inserter is most effective with coils as much as 20mm across. This is especially true of other desktop coil binding systems but it’s worth observing. Customers who frequently bind thicker documents should consider a modular binding system by having an adjustable dual curler coil inserter and also the Rhin-O-Tuff HD4101 book former.

This machine is particularly created for use within a contemporary office atmosphere. For your purpose it’s a great choice. However, print shops, binderies, in plant ink jet printers along with other high volume production customers should consider a bigger better quality coil binding machine or modular binding system.


The Rhino Tuff 3250-CL is a superb option for an expert office that requires a top quality durable spiral coil binding system.

It provides a modern day design, a great punching capacity and is among the simplest to make use of binding machines we have examined.

However, the 3250CL isn’t the perfect machine for everybody. Print shops, binderies and volume production facilities should consider a modular binding system.

Customers who require to bind half sized books or legal sized documents might need to think about a machine with disengageable dies as well as an open throat.

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