Return without Gosub Error Message in MS Access 2007

Microsoft Access forms let the user to change and place records within the Access database. An Access form includes a number of controls (text boxes, check boxes etc.) that shows or accepts the data, that the user must change or enter. Corruption during these forms can happen because of Microsoft Office deterioration, improper system shutdown, malicious software like virus infection and much more. Such situations, the consumer must recover the database form in the latest backup. However, when the user hasn’t produced any backup, he then must restore and repair the Access form by utilizing effective Access Recovery tools.

Like a practical instance, once the user clicks a text button (Enter) of the Access form (Loved ones), he receives the below error message:

-The expression on [event title] you joined because the event property setting created the next error: Return without Gosub-

Exactly the same error message seems once the user tries to connect to the Macros. The consumer encounters exactly the same error message every time he tries to execute every other control within the form.


The primary reason for occurrence of the aforementioned error message may be the corruption within the code project. The corruption may also be triggered because of human errors.


To solve the above mentioned error message and effectively access all of the controls within the form, the consumer must follow the following steps: The consumer may use an built-in utility referred to as -Compact and Repair.- This built-in utility allows the consumer to restore and repair Access database objects. The consumer can recover the shape in the latest backup. The consumer can make the whole Form on your own.

However, when the user is not able to gain access to the database form by using all of the above measures, he must perform Access Recovery by utilizing advanced tool. This utility utilizes influential and effective checking calculations to restore and repair the database form. Such tools provide various recovery features and interactive interface, causing them to be easy to use. They can handle effectively repairing the corrupted aspects of affected Access database and restore all data from this.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is really a reliable tool that provides comprehensive and enhanced recovery of Access database objects as form, report, macro, query and module. It supports both .MDB and .ACCDB formats. It supports Access 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000. It works with Home windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and NT.

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