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November 9, 2005, States U . s . States Electrical and Commercial Group locked in Wuhan Asia Hotel grand scale news conference, proclaiming Gome Group, a wholly-possessed companies in M & A All Appliance Retail Operational projects settled. This is actually the Black Swan, simple to good home, china home appliance retail potential predators?? Gome again the implementation of M & A “trump card”, the Hubei rated third within the appliance retail business home appliances Retail Services incorporated within the bag.

Commercial Group: Exit appliance business to target in shops

It’s understood that, available business group for that leading businesses in Hubei Province, the effectiveness of china Chain Enterprise 30 strong, Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Home appliance chain Llc under Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Group Co., Ltd., has seven major home appliance chain Marketplace A yearly turnover of nearly 10 billion, with home appliance merchants in Hubei Province Locks Within the third. Appliance stores running a business Network The metropolitan areas of Wuhan, Xiantao, Jingmen along with other marketplaces within the Wuhan city has four large retail shops. Commercial home appliances in your home appliance industry in Hubei span of development has performed a crucial role, it had accomplished “national home home appliances billion within the first cabinet,” “single-store appliance Sell First in the united states, “the performance of the profession still pass as his brother’s wife.

Exit appliance business for that reasons, within the strict business rules party chairman told reporters: “Commercial Group made the decision to formally withdraw at home home appliances Operate Business, on one side is its very own industrial structure, development Strategy Normal changes, exit the applying business following the business, to target within the shops and discount stores. However, the GOME joined Hubei market, the standard mall business a huge effect on household home appliances, major appliance stores has turned into a professional home appliance business, trends, shops home appliances from the market, the overall trend. The company restructuring can help the company group to pay attention to shops and discount stores still become bigger and more powerful. ”

It’s understood that Gome isn’t the first business connection with the organization, after other national and province “greatest names” grade home appliance chain businesses have connection with the company, why the ultimate withering Gome , the gm Zhou Shixi appliance business, stated: “The best decision to cooperate with Gome, mainly in line with the points, to begin with, Gome is easily the most effective and influential electronic devices chain second within the contact process, Gome cooperation, truthfulness impressed us The 3rd and many important point would be that the co-development methods of each side, the lengthy-term interests of each side, we accomplished victory-win through cooperation. ”

Gome: accelerate the re-shuffle network layout appliance market in Hubei

Since This summer after completing the domestic primary market distribution, Gome in countrywide market expansion has faster the interest rate. Sun, gm of Gome chain of the small development center told reporters: Following a full purchase of Guangdong in August Gome good home easily following the acquisition Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Group home home appliances business, around the Gome appliance market in Hubei have a decisive impact.

2002 Gome joined Wuhan, Wuhan region to trigger the very first home appliance retail industry reshuffle, statistically, the final three years alone, you will find nearly a hundred Wuhan businesses small and big electrical home appliances from the area. Because of the appearance of Gome, Gome in Wuhan created the core from the biggest and many sophisticated electronic devices shopping district?? Tang Jiadun shopping district. Gome now only taking up half your family appliance market in Wuhan, also effectively Sharu secondary market. The merger news came following the industry have stated: M & A company home appliances, Gome Home Home appliances retail areas within the whole of Hubei much more effective, traditional shops home appliances retail will quickly fade into history.

A little Sun stated the purchase would be to accelerate growth of GOME network for consideration. At the moment, the house appliance chain has joined the Integrate Era, may be the market leader Home appliance retail chain Businesses, through mergers and purchases, to attain faster development, inside a short time greater Competition Advantage. Hubei Province available appliance as the favourite home appliance Brand Among the existing network with Gome little duplication, so it’s integrated into the planned acquisition, Gome. Commercial home appliances within the network into Gome, following a year Operation Gome appliance retail share of the market in Hubei is going to be leader.

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