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Home Home appliances TM to Vouchers, 5000 dollarsars

TV Machine saving 315 Element. “Lately, a netizen inside a forum by themselves to save cash by drying out.

This past year, an “appliance TM towards the implementation of measures” trigger a brand new wave of individuals to purchase home appliances. Press survey discovered that many people will cost Jiu Jiadian certificate, not in a rush to purchase new home appliances, however the “TM” means such evidence with the network

Target disrupt the marketplace. TM to evidence Sell Online No pains to Amoy Jiujia Dian, “TM certificate” there’s off-line. Lately, a netizen published online, stated his network via a buying and selling platform, the cost of 85 yuan something of 400 yuan to purchase a house appliance subsidy vouchers, success within the appliance store purports to purchase a television.

Yesterday, landing a few of the network’s buying and selling platform, go into the “home home appliances TM to certificate”, and immediately offered out numerous related information, the purchase cost from 80 yuan to 100 yuan, 400 yuan subsidies in excess of face value vouchers. The vendor of the location in Shanghai, last 1 several weeks has offered 347 certificates. The vendor stated: “can’t limit the purchase Shanghai TM to documents, these documents grocery stores within the city’s major home home appliances may use.Inch

Within the “assessment” column, many purchasers will also be retailers Compliments receive high. “Genuine, easy and convenient,” “absolute convenience, continues to be bought two times.”

Amoy Jiujia Dian money in subsidies Internet retailers of heavy “home appliances TM to evidence” originate from? He’s involved in home appliance industry, an account of those systems retailers really means “cattle” after the development of the insurance policy, they visited take lots of Jiu Jiadian hunting second-hands market, choose the designated Certificate Trash Can. For an old Television set, for instance, “Certificate cattle” to 50 Jiujia Dian market cost to purchase a classic TV, then obtain the regular trash to one another to be able to recover the cost of 30 yuan, 20 yuan may appear baffled, But “ox” this may be the need for 400 yuan for any subsidy card, then cattle evidence of these subsidize the cost of 80 dollars is going to be offered online, a transaction could make 60 yuan.

Thus, the “appliance TM” to second-hands goods market adopted hot up, a large number of dollars selling that old TV has lengthy been sold-out, if you wish to find cheap, you will find about 100 yuan transactions .

Yesterday (April 18), we showed up Zhongshan Park, a house appliance grocery stores. Within the TV counter sales rep told reporters, in the end, a couple of $ 100 to province, a lot of clients have “TM certificate”, they’re also in compliance with the whole process of sales, as evidence in which the past is not related to them, nor will they need them audit.

Is going to be reflected within the relevant departments

Based on relevant guidelines, the general public with the effective recovery of economic sell Jiujia Dian, have an old assortment of evidence detailed above towards the registration of consumer information and Jiu Jiadian brand, product number and cost recovery, but don’t look into the Trash Can strict, frequently indiscriminate collection staff completed a sales rep to simply accept the certificate didn’t examine the relations, resulting in “evidence home appliances TM to” any purchase from the network.

With this, numerous sites provide online buying and selling platform is extremely awkward: “These cattle have been in the drilling policy loopholes, no relevant rules, bad randomly around the seller of products underneath the cost, however they will transmit these details to national business sector, when the violations found, it will likely be opening the container for those items. ”

Appliance Industry Association, Shanghai

and stated these functions aren’t permitted, they’ll be relevant departments.

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