Repairing the Temple of Solomon

Based on Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, dads and moms prior to the return from the Christ, the Jews would rebuild the Temple of Solomon on its original site on Mount Moriah. This new Temple would once more end up being the central focus of Jewish worship, and will be the place where their ancient practice of animal sacrifices could be started again.

Why is this conjecture apparently impossible at this time around would be that the site which Solomon built his original temple can also be among the holiest places within the Islamic religion. For this was on this website that Muslims think that the Prophet Muhammad ascended into Paradise, supported through the angel Gabriel.

To commemorate the wedding, the Muslims built a golden shrine known as -The Dome from the Rock- around 691 AD. Near to this shrine and on a single platform of stone, additionally they erected the Al-Aqsa Mosque. These two structures have since become integral options that come with the Islamic belief.

Although an Israeli flag was hoisted over the Dome from the Rock for any couple of hrs in 1967, following a capture of Jerusalem through the Israelis within the Six-Day War, it had been decreased around the orders of General Moshe Dayan, to be able to avoid problem Muslims and also to preserve peace. Today the whole Temple Mount area is possessed and maintained through the Secretary of state for Awqaf in Jordan. Although non-Muslims are actually allowed to go to the Temple Mount throughout certain occasions, they’re prohibited from entering these Muslim shrines.

However, this access doesn’t affect Orthodox Jews, and Jewish site visitors are cautioned that admission to the Temple Mount is really a breach from the Torah. It is because the whole area is regarded as as sacred ground, because it once located the -Holy of Holies- from the Temple of Solomon. When confronted with these obstacles, it might appear impossible with this conjecture to become satisfied underneath the present conditions. Any attempt through the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon on a single site because these Islamic shrines would spark a spiritual conflict that may possibly culminate inside a nuclear war.

Yet why is this prediction especially significant would be that the materials required to construct your building and it is contents happen to be prepared. Later, a non-profit educational and religious organization began in Israel. It had been situated within the Jewish quarter from the Old Town of Jerusalem. This organization was known as The Temple Institute. The central reason for this Institute would be to rebuild the Temple around the original site of Mount Moriah, and also to restore the traditional practice of animal sacrifices as put down within the Torah. Based on the Statement of Concepts layed out on its website, the objectives from the Temple Institute are the following:

-The main focus from the Institute is its efforts towards the start of the particular repairing from the Holy Temple. Towards this finish, the Institute has started to revive and construct the sacred ships for that service from the Holy Temple. These ships, which G-d commanded Israel to produce, is visible today at our headquarters in Jerusalem.-

-They’re made based on the exact specifications from the Bible, and also have been built in the original source materials, for example gold, copper, silver and wood. They are authentic, accurate ships, not basically replicas or models. Many of these products are fit and prepared to be used within the service from the Holy Temple. One of many products featured within the exhibition are instruments performed through the Levitical choir, the golden crown from the High Priest, and silver and gold ships utilized in the incense and sacrificial services.- The Temple Institute has additionally carried out intensive research in to the actual size of the initial Temple of Solomon to ensure that, when it’s time, the brand new Temple is going to be a precise replica from the original building. All that’s needed let’s focus on this new Temple to become the truth is the fulfilment of Ezekiel’s prediction.

In Chapter 38 from the Book of Ezekiel, the prophet referred to in graphic detail how the existing Islamic structures on Mount Moriah could be destroyed. A number of disasters would occur through the land of Israel. There’d be “an excellent trembling within the land of Israel”, then “great hailstones, fire and brimstone” which may devastate the land, leading to “every wall (to) fall downInch.

This cosmic catastrophe wouldn’t only destroy the present structures around the Temple Mount, but would also obvious the way in which for any new Temple to become built.

About the writer: Allan Colston was created in England and was raised in Nigeria. He finished the College of Witwatersrand in 1961. From an earlier age he was attracted to study regarding ancient cultures, and also to the prophetic works of those communities. In going after these interests he’s traveled broadly, including South Usa, India and Tibet. He’s resided on four continents, and today makes his home in Vancouver, Canada.

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