Repairing corrupted ZIP file because of interrupted installing

Home theater system . should have used the file discussing websites a while or another. You are able to upload heavy files during these websites, which could then obtainable on your part or all of your buddies. These web sites are extremely helpful, particularly in present day time because these nobody has lots of time to meet buddies or relatives. However, sometimes the files submitted inside a ZIP format don’t get removed whenever you try to do this. Among the reasons for such issue is because of ZIP file corruption. In such instances, gradually alter repair ZIP file with a couple appropriate method. If you’re not in a position to repair ZIP file, then you need to make use of a third-party software to do this.

Think about a scenario in which your buddies has submitted couple of photographs inside a file discussing website by means of ZIP files. You download the ZIP file, and then try to extract it. However, it fails to do this. A mistake message is displayed consequently, that’s:

“WinZip Self-Extractor header corrupt. Possible cause: bad disk or file transfer error.”


The real cause of the issue is there might have been disruptions while uploading or installing the ZIP file. When the problem happened throughout installing, then your ZIP file is corrupt which may be fixed.


To solve this case, you need to carry out the following techniques:

Open My Computer.

Right-click the drive where the ZIP file exists and click on ‘Properties’ in the menu that seems on screen.

Click Tools tab.

Click on the ‘Check Now…’ option.

Choose the’Automatically fix file system errors’check box.

Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin the checking.

Close the dialog box once the checking is finished.

Download the ZIP file again in the file discussing website.

If you’re still unable to extract data in the ZIP file or Web connection isn’t available, then you need to make use of a third-party ZIP repair software to . Such ZIP recovery tools are read-only in character that don’t overwrite the present ZIP file while checking it.

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