Remain in Ao Nang Beach Hotel and Visit Andaman Islands

Krabi Points of interest

Krabi is among the famous travel points of interest within the south of Thailand. You will find a number of wonderful places to go to for example Ao Nang, Emerald Pool, Hot Spring, Hong Island, Lanta Islands, Phi Phi Islands, Poda Islands and lots of gorgeous Andaman Islands. Krabi continues to be popular for age range one of the real vacationers who love touching natural atmosphere, blue skies, obvious water and delightful sandy beaches. There’s absolutely nothing to worry when you are on holiday in Krabi, Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands and Lanta Islands are visited from local and foreign vacationers each year. These Andaman Islands are welcome you to view the good thing about the underwater world. It’s appropriate for divers who would like to spread out their eyes at these well-known Islands. You will find lots of things to do like ocean sports for example diving, scuba diving, ocean kayaking, and swimming.

Poda Island and Chicken Island

Should you have had visited Phi Phi Islands and Lanta Islands already, I would suggest Poda Islands and Chicken Island. These Islands would be the nearest islands to Ao Nang beach. Just in case, you remain in Ao Nang beach hotel, it will likely be simple to achieve the hawaiian islands by lengthy tail boat. However, some hotels on Ao Nang beach offer tour packages and can include foods for his or her visitors.

Visiting Poda Islands takes 25 minutes by boat. You may enjoy with the good thing about whitened barrier sand beaches, very-obvious water, and good natural atmosphere around the small island. Don’t miss trying scuba diving and kayaking across the beaches, water is extremely neat and obvious. It enables site visitors to determine lovely fishes.

Chicken Island or Koh Kai may be the synonymous with Krabi Ocean. The rock formed just like a chicken around the limestone mountain at Koh Kai.

Remain in Krabi Ao Nang Hotel

Ao Nang may be the popular travel reason for Krabi. It’s such as the gate to awesome Andaman Islands that belongs to Krabi and neighbor province. Most site visitors remain in Ao Nang and visit sightseeing in Krabi town or visit following beaches. You will find many nice beach resort hotels on Ao Nang beach. You might select a good hotel and book a excursion to Krabi points of interest that you simply prefer. Various shops and restaurants are situated across the primary street of the travel attraction. It’s easy to remain in el born area.

Oriental Ao Nang Beach Hotel

Krabi Chada Hotel and Resort is definitely an oriental boutique style accommodation on Ao Nang beach that provides luxurious rooms in hotels with excellent facilities for example health spa, health club, pool, pool bar, restaurant and bar, and much more services. The beach resort hotel also arranges tour packages. You’ll have a relaxation and breathe deeply when you are on vacation here.

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