Religious Worker (R) Visa

This visa is perfect for foreign individuals who seeking admittance to conduct religious worship and perform other responsibilities usually carried out by approved people from the local clergy of this religion. The primary qualifying criterion in acquiring R visa is that certain would have been a person in religious denomination getting a genuine nonprofit religious organization in US. The processing time is generally 2-4 several weeks.

On R-1 Visa it’s possible to even study full-time and get money or payment for that service carried out. When the employer petition it’s possible to even petition for Eco-friendly Card. Principal applicant from the R1 Visa holder may bring in spouse as well as unmarried children below 21 years old under R-2 Visa as loved ones. Loved ones from the R-1 Visa aren’t permitted to operate but permitted to review, because of the financial support during US.

Since R visa is definitely an employer petition, employer must use Form I-129 (Petition of Nonimmigrant Worker). Until unless of course the petition meets the approval of either DHS or USCIS, the religious worker can’t make an application for visa at US Embassy or US Consulate. When the papers are approved, either the business or even the agent will get Form I-797 (Notice of Action). Visa candidates should generate the petition receipt number towards the visa interview. Through department from the State’s Petition Information Management System (PIMS), the verification from the papers are done. There’s no guarantee when the papers are approved you’re going to get the visa, they prove the ineligibility and provide the reason behind rejection.

Once visa qualifies, R Visa holder can remain as much as 30 several weeks initially, which may be extend again for 30 month. It shouldn’t exceed a lot more than five years. Altering from the employer can also be permitted throughout the stay however the new petition have to be posted through the new employer or organization by filing Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker.

Necessary document needed while posting to acquire R Visa are: Proof you’re being employed as minister of faith or involved with religious occupation for any non-profit organization that is excused from tax. Proof you have been person in religious organization not less than 24 months. – Employer proof to aid you over the property line (for example bank statement). – Any recommendation letters. – Evidence that you’re capable of operate in US. – IRS evidence of the tax free status from the organization in america.

R visa holder may change the status to acquire Eco-friendly Card. Later open ups a road to obtain Citizenship, you have to file Form I-360 (Special Immigrant Petition) and then From I-485 to regulate the status.

Religious Vocation: Illustration showing a long term commitment for religious existence. Ex: Nuns, Monks and religious siblings and siblings.

Religious Denomination: Doctrine and discipline in religious services and events. Creed and worship in established places for worship.

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